Monday, October 28, 2013

Bit lonely

I'd like to be hugged tonite. No sex, just cuddling. Watching a movie (or a TV series..!), or even just to lay there, eyes closed, listening to his heartbeat.
I love that. So close, so true.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


The water felt a little bit cold at first, but I knew that the faster I got in, the better it would feel.The sun
was striving to shine through the forest, turning the leaves even greener and making that giant blue butterfly wings to flash.

I felt like taking my bikini off. I knew I couldn't. Maybe I shouldn't. But it was my dream, I could do whatever I wanted. I got naked and went swimming to below the waterfall, where you were enjoying the pleasures of natural water running through your body.
I standed up un the stone and you saw me naked. You took your shorts off and embraced me. The cold water falling through our hot bodies, I could feel your heartbeat.

You were holding my breasts with your hands, softly squeezing them. It felt great.
Yes, I was getting wet and ready for action, but at the same time I was so relaxed and feeling great that I just wanted to enjoy that sexy touching forever.

We sitted down at the stones by the waterfall, where the caresses continued.We were just kissing, I was sitted on your lap, hugging him with mt arms and my legs. I could feel your cock soaked on my moisture, I felt little shocks everytime I touched your skin with my hard, swollen clit.
And you started sucking my breasts. Gently, but firmly.

Ah, I really was urging to sit on that dick, and ride it up and down so hard I would feel its tip coming out my
throat...But I was totally surrendered to the physichal sensation of your lips sucking hard on my nipples. The
vision of it was even more endearing: you are so delightfully cute. And sexy.

We laid down  with me on top, my legs crossed around your neck while you french kissed my pussy. Your cock was full and tasteful while I felt it throught my mouth and deep down to my throat. Slowly. It was so intense. There was no hurry, no urge to cum. I could drool on that cock for hours, just for the taste of it, and the sound of your moaning.

Your tongue was soft and warm, and you were licking me passionately. Sometimes tickling the most sensitive spots, sometimes going deep inside. That's when my moaning becomes a loud sigh, and I feel like begging you to never stop. To go rougher. To shove me your long fingers, fist me to scream, spit on my asshole and let me craving for being merciless impaled. But real torture took form of a irresistible caress. Eyes closed, I take your cock as an indecent pacifier, sucking its head in fast and gentle movements that truly and strangely calms my lust down. My body relaxes:  you feel it too and also let go on the pressure of your hand holding my leg. My juice was flowing to your thirsty lips still not quenched.

Slower and deeper now, up and down your rock hard cock, feeling every milimeter to pulse inside my mouth. Some cold water spray from the waterfall made me shiver, and the feeling of my arousing skin drove me to the edge of an orgasm  that I struggled to hold back.

The sounds of nature and that overwhelming feeling was just so empowering. That was divine. I was a goddess kneeling down to devour you, looking straight into your eyes while having you whole in my mouth. A hot, hard, pulsating member I was sucking in urge, filling it up. Your panting excites me. I go harder, hungrier, anxious to be fed by your cum. I knew it wouldn't be long now, I could feel it and hear it from your breathing, your growing roar, your feverish hands pulling my hair back.

One piercing looks into your eyes, and your dilated pupils were fixed on me. Mesmerized, hypnotized - you
couldn't dare to close it while drowning my lust into your hot load. You were just staring as I had your whole cock shoved up in my mouth, a drop of cum rolling down the corner of my lips, dripping on my breasts.
The strenght of the aftershocks made you bend your body down and you kissed my smeared lips with passion and cumplicity. We were one.

With the Nature.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Useless & indecent

A friend told me that there is some relation between the size of a guy's hand and the size of his penis.
Of course I don't believe it, but thinking carefully, there is a possibility, yes, that the guy with the biggest penis I've ever had sex with, is also the guy with the biggest hands.

On the other hand (!!) my first boyfriend had a dick, like 6-8 cm, but he had pretty normal hands. Not a T-rex.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

What the f*ck am I writing..?

Reading these posts in retrospect, it gets obvious that I have a pretty disturbed sexuality: I've found a handful of posts that starts with "I won't be writing about sex this time", but most of them ends up about something dirty. It's the only way I communicate openly and in english to the whole world online, and that's how I present myself to the people: as a psycho bitch. Yeah, great, that's quite a wonderful impression to make.

On the other hand, I don't think I'm actually being a bitch. I'm talking about sex - everybody does, and I'm writing my fantasies - everybody has. Come on, not having an appetite for sex at all , that's sure rather more disturbing :D. Probably my conceptions about sex are the healthiest part of my delicate psiqué. :3 My total lack of social graces with strangers is far more shocking than my deepthroat techniques.

 I'm quite sure that by the time I write this, chances are that only one among all the people that ever read these lines, can actually say he knows about my techniques. Although I can also pretty much asure all the other readers, that  this guy doesn't know much about how uncomfortable I sometimes feel, since he's quite easy person to go along with.

Anyway, that's the fate of most things I write, I guess. It's the price to pay for writing my mind and heart all the time: Few years from now I'll read this again and think "Gosh, what the f*ck was I thinking..?"

Friday, October 4, 2013

Just being me

So, I'm back. Did anyone miss me? Yeah, I figured so...

You see, lately I've had time enough to write a lot. And in fact, I've been doing so, just not here on the blog. I dunno why, but I always have this impression I should write something sexy here. So, whenever I'm not feeling sexy, I don't feel like posting.

But I noticed that if I do that, this blog will be soon abandoned...

I haven't been having any sex lately, of course. But I made a promise I would stop counting days or anything as stupid as this. Makes me sound desperate to others, and a complete dumbfuck to myself. And this hurts.

And, you know what? I'm not an eager nympho, ok. In fact, I'm not even that hot: truth is that I'm a f*cking lousy lay... But at least my writing is pretty decent and I like porn very much :3. Not that "Fifty Shades" stuff. A little bit more spice, with some more plausible story as a background. "Naughty bedtime stories for wet dreams" or something like that. Something you'd like your girl to read to you, wank to, and fall asleep. Maybe I should record an erotic audiobook. With sexy background tracks as my voice keeps reading my very true and personal fantasies...

Sounds sexy, but I don't think so. I'm just too shy, I'd probably laugh. Booo hooo, that's the truth about sexy Hamalka. A hoax from the hair colour to the toe nailpolish.

Or not. It might work, too. We can go to the studio late at night, for the recordings. I'll make the readings sitting on your lap. You'll keep me focused in being sexy, and I might not mind sounding a little bit panting on the tracks... I can't really play any instruments, but I do move my hips without skipping the beat. I guess I could sound sexy enough if I had this kind of motivation while reading the stories. Nothing that would drive me out of focus, just a gentle touch of your fingers, your tongue caressing deep inside me, slowly...just to give me that feeling I want to impersonate when describing all that naughty scenes I sometimes imagine...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here I am, talking about sex again, afterall. Maybe I'm an eager nympho indeed. Or at least a wannabe bitch with a way with words. We're living on a social media world, where we're nothing but avatars of what we want people to believe we are.

I am Hamalka. Not a real person, but still quite a character. ;)