Friday, March 29, 2013

What's new, my friend?

The other day I met a friend of mine to dinner. Such long time no see. In fact, the last time we met was at her wedding, over a decade ago. Since then, we had been in touch through social media,but last week we met at the lunch time on a restaurant near by the office building I work at, and we decided to go out after work.
At some point, after few tequila shots, she started to talk about her husband's business partner. They owned a company of somehow, and after few years of partnership, the guy had became quite a friend of the family.
Happens that this guy- as my friend said- is terribly good looking. That kind that drives a woman crazy just by the look.

-Really: the first thing that came to my mind when I first met him was how it would be to get fucked by him...
-C'mon, girl...There is no such a guy!
-I swear this one is. I was so impressed by his looks that even my husband noticed I was staring.
-No kidding! And how did he react?
-In fact he didn't care, at first. He just said "yeah, I'm not stupid, why would you be different than any and every other woman he's introduced to..." and smiled. He said that all the girls at the company are crazy about him. And I said I think it's a great thing, so the bitches would stay away from my hubby...

We laugh and went on eating nachos, and I thought the subject was over when she said, out of nothing.

-I had sex with him.
-Ohmygosh, Moema..! What about..?
-With him and my husband. - she said before I finish my question.

I truly can't describe the reaction I had, but inside it was a mix of disapproval, envy and lust. But, since she started talking, I guess she was willing to share the experience.

-You... -I didn't know what to say- did what??
-I got fucked by my husband and his handsome business partner. Right in the middle of my living room. And it was the sexiest thing that ever happened to me. - She laughed and started to tell the story.

Seems that her husband and his partner- Tony, Tommy, or someting like it with an italian accent- were working late at their place, and after the job was done they started to have some whiskey. Moema, believing her husband was alone - because it was way too late and there was nobody left at the home office- went to the living room only dressed in nighties. And when she saw Tony, she tried to move out, but her husband welcomed her to stay. In fact, he started to kiss her and grab her.

-What did you do?
-Well, I surrendered. Afterall, he's my husband, we were at our very own home, and I would never deny him what I crave all the time...
-What about Tony?
-I couldn't know by then, I wasn't looking at him. But when my husband started to grab my boobs, he didn't seem to be shocked, not excited, or anything. In fact, he seemed very comfortable. And to be truth, that bothered me a little.
-Yeah, I imagine......but how did he get in between you and your husband?
-In fact, I was the one in between... - she laughed.
-You got my point...!
-Well, at some point my husband got me over the home bar bench, spreaded my legs and started to finger fuck me. Then he said "I bet Tom is dying to feel your warm velvet pussy, too..". That was pretty much clear to me, and I must confess I shivered.
-I bet. I would've, too.
-Yes, you see? Something hard to take and harder to refuse. A lifetime opportunity.
-Go on..! And then, what?
-I asked Tony to serve me a glass of wine, what he immediately did, as if I didn't have my husband's fingers inside my ass. And as he handed me the glass I held his hand and brought to my boobs. My husband got on his knees and started sucking me deep, while Tony had pulled my breasts out of the nightie and was sucking my nipples hard as a baby.
-Wow..! - That's all I could say.
-Then my husband got up, took his belt off and was unzipping his pants. He slapped his hard dick against my pussy a bit and then carried me in his arms to the couch. He gave his cock for me to suck while I was being licked and stretched by Tony. I dunno what was more lustful: to see that amazing guy in between my legs, or to look at my husband's sexual maniac expression while he watched another men french kiss my wet pussy.
-Who banged you first?

-Tony, while I was giving my husband a deepthroath. I couldn't see much, but I could feel them both grabbing my tits. Then they turned me the other side and I was licking Tony's cock while my husband fucked me doggy style.
-Could you take a double penetration?
-Nah, we didn't even try that, but they both fucked me in the pussy and the ass. My husband came in my asshole and Tony smeared me all over my face.
-Well... it seems you had a lot of fun, then.
-I had three orgasms in about forty minutes.
-That's something.
-You should come sometime, at least to take a look at the stud...
-C' mon, Moema, I'm not into this things...
-You don't have to be into nothing, and nothing have to be into you if you don't want to... - she smiled. But if you feel like joining, or touching yourself, feel free...
-Thanks, I'll try to remember that.

As if I could easily forget the story I just heard.
I went to the toilet. Of course my panties were soaked.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

You know what?

I'm not sure if I know what am I.

Mirror, mirror...

Nah, I didn't quit.

I guess this lack of sex is driving me sexless. Or maybe is the business and boredom of my life that made me depressed. I am truly experiencing a lack of libido, and I never thought it would be possible. Of course it's not like I wasn't in the mood when everything was set: it's just that I haven't been thinking about sex at all.
And this means I didn't have anything interesting to write here all this time, since I have a hunch the readers of this blog are not really in for my literary skills. I can't really say they are in for my sex life either, since I don't have any. In the end, we're all a bunch of jerk-offs fantasizing about something we don't have.

I'm probably going through a more romantic - melancholic stage, and I don't feel like mixing up stuff here and start to open too much of my feelings. I am pretty conscious of how great is to feel in love and how love makes us feel like shouting out our love to the world. But I also know how boring and useless it all sounds to everyone else in the world: even another couples. So, if you don't turn this declaration into something useful, that can inspire another couples - a song, a book, a porn movie - you can keep  it to yourself and -hopefully - the people you're in love with. Besides you guys, no one cares about how you feel about each other.

I love him to life, not secret, nor news. And it's exactly because I love him that I wanted him to be all over me right now.

I dunno if I wrote about this already, but I never had Mr. Red in a room full of mirrors. In fact, not even one decent mirror where I could observe us fucking. Yeah, I am a bit of a voyeur, specially when I'm being banged by someone that sexy. I wanna take a good look at how his huge cock looks while getting deep buried inside my ass. I want a different angle for when he grabs my tits with one hand and finger fucks me with the other, heavy breathing on my neck.

 I wanna see how great he looks on me. And how I will look with his cum all over my face.

(of course it's Google Images)