Monday, December 11, 2017

The boring truth

Being Hamalka is a way of dealing with two monsters, becoming a third and stronger one. Lust and depression. Well, I'm not even sure if I have depression, I shouldn't have, but yes, maybe sometimes it's pretty hard to deal with the fact I'm running out of life, and maybe there is no " happy ending " to everything, shit happens and its real as fuck.
I guess I kinda had been ignoring a lot of stuff, just because I didn't find possible to happen. But it happened- and what now?

Now is where I am. Living those days I never thought would come. Wow.
I don't like much opening up about my personal life here. But on the other hand, what's the fun if I'd only be porn. I wouldn't be real. Real people don't only think about sex ot have sex adventures around all the time. Believe me, I do know it. And I already waste a loooooooooot of time thinking about sex.

But yeah, let's see: I was a quite wealthy housewife. All of a sudden I was divorced, without a cent (yeah, that's possible- but I don't feel like going into the details here). Went back to my family and found great jobs, everything was doing just fine, but then the tide changed catastrophically. There were health and family problems, and as if it wasn't enough,  my parents got financially bankrupted. From far, one of my easiest dilemmas are: if I don't get a full-time job, I won't make money enough for basics. But if I stop studying, I won't get my diplomma  and get the hell out of this situation.

It even sounds funny, written that way. How can I be sooooo fucked up. I was the luckiest woman on Earth. It was...late 2003-mid 2004 when things started going to shit for the first .Money was beginning to become a problem, but I was too young to notice it was bigger problem than being dumped. I was so upset about that, that I cancelled the lifetime chance of moving abroad with a friend. She went alone and nowadays she's still living the life we once dreamed to have.

I'd like to say getting married wasn't shit number 2, but for fuck's sake: IT WAS. It was the shittiest thing I've done after refusing the trip. And I can say it without feeling one bit guilty, because when I got married there wasn't love anymore, but family stuff that shouldn't be exposed. Even though I'm just your wild imagination, even imaginary families would deserve this respect. Anyway, it was my fault, blame it on me, its not like I wasn't cruising for this bruise. Fuck me. I know I paid high for the mistake. I still live with the consequences. And traumas. Whatever.

There were good things about that times, too. Or else I wouldn't get so desperated  when he finally left me. Nowadays I see that under a totally different light that didn't take much to start shining on my life that days. Soon I was all back together. I learnt new stuff, had amazing great jobs, I found my love again and even had epic vacations. And I felt so healthy, so beautiful, so happy with myself. Was it the so-called "best of times"?  I can give you dates when I mostly knew it was.

Mid-2013, early 2014: too early to notice. When September ended, I started loosing it. I hardly can evaluate 2015. It was so hard on my body and soul. I'd like to believe it was when I found the fighter inside me, but I guess it was cowardice that saved me...I don't remember seeing death so peacefully close before. In many ways.

When our friend's body went down to its grave, I decided I didn't want to be the next one in a casket. And my soul have been growing stronger ever since. My body recovered enough to face the new challenges that pops up everyday, ever since.

And now, after writing aaaaall this, I feel way better, and actually grateful for being healthy now. Maybe I shouldn't be here complaining, wasting time instead of doing something useful.

Maybe I should actually had started thinking about porn instead of dwelling into that bad vibe. But maybe a song made me brokenhearted. Something that remembered me that there's no happy ending. In fact, there's not even a fairytale.

There's just Hamalka. A monster made of lust  and depression.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

New Toys

It's well known that one shouldn't go shopping for groceries when hungry. People tend to buy more food than they should.
I can asure you the same goes for entering a Sex Shop when you're horny and been lonely for a looooong time already.

The door was open and I entered that blue-lightened room, which athmosphere was already bit aphrodisiac. The front part of the store had sexy costumes for all tastes, and naughty accessories for bondage. The back wall was covered with sex toys of the most diverse shapes and colors.

"May I help you..?" - soon the saleswoman came to ask.
"Yes!" - I answered as cordially as I would at the bakery counter: "I want an anal enlarger".

The mid-aged woman, who looked a bit like everybody's Geography high-school  teacher, surprisingly looked at me with confusion. I swear that for a moment, I looked around to see if I was in the right place. I reached for a giant double-dong and felt its cyberskin. Yup, I was at the right place. So I went on, as the women didn't look like she understood me.

" Me and my boyfriend like rough anal, but It's been a long while, and he has a big penis, so, how can I do to enjoy the fun without ending up at the hospital..?"

Oh, right, now the woman actually blushed! I was actually embarrassed with that. I didn't expect a sex shop attendant to blush on a least not such a regular-looking person as me. I guess I blushed too, before she clicked back and start showing me some interesting devices. And she even gave me some technique tips..! What happened to the apparently shy woman from before..? Hehehe...

I'm not really into realistic dildos. I will always prefere real flesh. But I do enjoy vibrators and replicas that will look like toys... So, the barbie-pink vibrator got my eye from the beginning.  But then I had in mind I still need anal training, and that girly penish toy didn't seem to be big enough to help...

That 22x4 cm dildo seemed to be really interesting. I liked its ice-like color. Like a penis shaped icicle. A big, juicy, smooth icicle...

On my way home, I confess I was thinking if any of those people that crossed my way on the streets would imagine what I had inside my candid backpack...

I arrived home and set the mood for that "first date".  Bottle of wine, some sexy music, a time not to worry about anything. I slowly undress of my "civil clothes" to the sound of a naughty heavy metal ballad. Wearing only the jewelry I had on for the day, I spreaded my body over the couch, admiring my own image reflected on the big mirror of the room.

I touched myself. I was throbbing hard, smearing my fingertips with moist. I tasted it, wishing it was your fingers I was sucking my pussy off.

The red wine was mixing with my red blood and red is the color of my fantasies now. Keep playing with my pussy while taking another sip. The other hand reaches the side table nand rests the glass, exchanging it for the pink vibrator.

First the vibrations in all its intensities. Choosing the best positions to rub its veiny -like surface against my shaved pussy. Slowly I'd slide it inside, enjoying every inch of it. No lube was needed , so dripping wet I was.

I pushed it until I had swallowed it whole, feeling that "balls" touching my asshole. Then I let it vibrate, trying to hold it inside without touching. It demands a certain vaginal strength, its a quite heavy toy and I was all wide open, feeling that stick shoved around 15 centimeters deep into me.

My flowing juice was dripping over my asshole. I could see the glossy button of my reflection. I was so excited, all ready to get that ass fucked.

Both my hands grabbed the "ice cock". And my first impulse was sucking it. Feeling my mouth and my pussy full. Of course it didn't feel like a cock, it didn't taste as a cock... But I looked at myself on the mirror and my mind could guess the whole scene. Goosebumps shake my body and contracts my pussy. The vibrator feels harder inside  me.

I rub that translucid  head against my butthole. Feels so good. I force it in. Its not easy, it slides aside, too wet, too tight. That big cock is hard even for my hands to handle.

My pussy is still filled  as the tip of the dildo starts to make its way through my back hole. I moan. The vibrator gets tighter inside me. Its too much to handle, I feel it stretching me from inside.

But there's pleasure in this pain . I shamelessly face the image on the mirror. Undressed, wide opened, exposed, a whole dildo shoved in the drooling pussy, and the asshole stretched around the head of a giant one.

Another sip of the wine. Nobody around, but he's on my mind. Anxious to see me having it all inside me. Push it harder. Another inch disappears. The vibrator almost slides off. I hold it. The touching changes the vibration, I loose coordination and the dildo goes deeper. Oh, it hurts. Feels great. A little more.

My pussy spits the pink vibrator out. I almost cum. A hot stream of moist flows out, and I feel that warm waving smearing my asshole even smoother. One of the hands rubs the vibrators head against my clit. The other proceeds pushing all that 22 centimeters into my ass.  "Go on...stretch this asshole for me..."- I can hear him saying.

" I can't push it any further"... I mumble. I feel its the limit. Not even half the device is in.  My pussy feels hot and looks red, swollen, red of all the rubbing.

A little bit more. Slowly. Feeling every inch. Inside. Out. In. Out. Sliding. Into my butthole, into my pussy. One each time. Taking turns.  The big dildo now goes deeper, and the moaning is louder. I take it totally off. For a moment, through the mirror, I see my loosened hole. And shove the dildo all back inside . Then off again. It doesn't hurt anymore, just pure delight.

Nipples hard, drooling pussy, stretched to the limit. Ah, you'd want to see that. Screw me with the toys, screw it all inside me, make my butthole blink. Fill my gap with your warm, tasty cum.

An hallucinating orgasm expells the dildo from my ass as my pussy squirts. Dreaming on your cock. In having all my holes creampied. In having your hands around my neck.

This will be a loooooong wait. But I'll be ready.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

I think it's something in the water.

"I told ya it was going to be wonderful"

The overwhelming landscape that surrounded us was no news for me, but I was totally mesmerized by his eyes I could only see under the sunglasses because of my privileged point of view.
The lenses were reflecting the most perfect summer sunset at the white sanded beaches of a tropical paradise. All I could think of was if he had ever seen such a beauty.

 I've never swimmed too far from these waters, but I know the rivers and seas of mine quite well. It doesn't matter how far is the sailor from, or how much had him sailed across the world, they mostly agree there's something magical about this land. Some actually never leave. Some blame it on the mermaids. 

We had climbed a hidden trail upon the coast. Its not even 500 meters far from the beach, but not many people knows these trails. This means we were probably the only ones in quite a big native jungle area. Wich could be dangerous, but also could be fun.

The sun on my skin throughout the green makes me aroused. I feel shivers when my wet hair drips on my golden tanned skin, covered only by a small white bikini. You wear rubber sandals, I am barefoot, feeling the earth, connecting to this ancient energies some will never believe if they never leave the asphalt.

"Come see the falls" - I'll show you what's wet. I climb in front of you, bending over as I much, showing off  to tease the sailor to my trap: you're never leaving again.
Where the water falls three times, under palms and butterflies,  where nothing but Nature can be heard. I take off the bikini , the only thing to keep me human, and dive into the cold waters of a magic pond among the rocks.

I swim to the other side to meet you, out of the waters, with legs to spread for you. I want to see your liquid white skin contrasting to all the colors we're into now.  You hold me against a stone wall, in the perfect angle for a kisst that gets more urgent and deeper as you slide your cock towards my moisted pussy lips.

You're starting to pant. I moan out loud. Something moves among the leaves on the bend. A lizard, or whatever. I felt I broke some spiderwebs as we got there, but I was just too busy being a female. Feeling you filling me up with a hot hard on, as my skin felt cold over the drying water. The wet touch of your warm lips on my already sensitive nipples was way too much to handle. I came hard right in the first time you strongly stroked your manhood into me to its root. My pussy was pulsating and you woun't take it off.

My body relaxed, but you held it firmly and kept banging me. I wish it would take forever, but I know you were anxious, too.  I put my arms around my sailor, rubbing my humid breasts against his sweaty body. "Cum to me..!"

The hotwave hit me from inside as his whole body trembled. He roared like a male, and our kissing were more brutal than biting. Love, naturally.

We say goodbye at the harbour. He sail. I swim.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Balance check

So, this is the place where I totally expose myself, to those who knows nothing about me. Its like screaming in the desert. Kinda like everyday life but backwards. Out there, I'm kinda hard to go unnoticed, still people can't see what I'm really made of. Here you have all my soul, but that's it. Don't expect to recognize me on the streets, I have rather different colors from inside and out.
I told ya already that have been shitty times, but seems that once one get used to pain, the mind starts to adapt and get clearer again. Or at least able to process. I started thinking.

"Whatta hell am I doing to my life..?" - I've had these kinda thoughts before, but they were never as shocking as now. Probably also because, really, I've never thought I'd be facing such times. I guess I got quite good in overcoming a lotta emotional mess, but financial resection was something I wasn't expecting to struggle with.
Sounds ridiculous, I know. But its harder than it seems, to deal with material problems. And mind you I've never cared about money, I despise luxury, I don't even bother following fashion, I don't demand going to expensive places. But its also true that money was never an obstacle between me and my simple pleasures. My dreams are priceless, so why would I bother with cash.
But when things get serious to the point one has to choose between your mother's medicines or a cheap hair shampoo for basic hygiene, its a clear sign that situation went out of hand. Talk about crisis, I know it well as a Political Reporter... BUT, most of all, I feel it, I live it everyday.  My family and I weren't big fortune, but it seemed unlikely we could end up like this almost all of a sudden. And I know we're not the only ones. The crisis hit harder not the ones with billions, nor the already poor, but the middle classed like us, that had small investments and satisfactory jobs. Now jobs are gone, and so the money of small investors that supported my whole life.
Fuck all the emotional hurricane and wristcutting broken heart stories I've mostly filled my pages with. I feel now as if my whole life I've lived as a pink cotton candy teenager whom is immature enough to smile over own troubles, just because of some fairytalish faith that, in the end, was proven useful to keep me sane for a while. But the while is over. I'm getting closer to 40 than to 30, and definitely, things are NOTHING as I figured it would be, ten or fifteen years ago.

I was living for love, now I'm fighting by instinct. And seems there can be a different happiness in growing sceptical. I'm a hard student, I am a complimented lecturer and reporter, and at some point I know the money-issue will get back to stability and up to beyond. And those who knows my work hardly knows my heart. Those whom I gave my heart might not know the dark spots of my soul. But the woman of this aging body is no longer feeling sorry or apologizing for being self.

I still ain't proud, but I'm stronger. And its good enough to go on.

Monday, October 16, 2017


If still my plans keep going out of rails, I might consider selling my diaries to some editor. There has been notes ever since I was 10 or less. Just make sure to publish it post mortem, I don't even read that stuff again, shame on me..! 😂

Poking some wounds

Mmm'kay. Real Hamalka here. So, there will be no porn today. It's one of my rare 'headache' days, I'm not in the mood. Yet blogging seems fine, and I feel I could use opening up something more important than my legs, for a change.

Somehow this have helped me a lot, I guess. In a kinda diverse way from what I would expect - or want, maybe - but finally talking about some things....that I don't even me seeing myself bit differently. I hadn't really "noticed" how much shit I overcame in life, because all the time I was mostly busy with gratitude about the good things around me.

Ok, I still don't feel comfortable coming up in the details, but I've dealed with nasty stuff in life. And I learnt from all of them.  My mind has a peculiar way of functioning, but unfortunately my  memory is good enough to remind me why people should NEVER GET DRUNK IN FRONT OF KIDS. It doesn't matter if you're happy and celebrating, you adults have no idea how scary you become when to that point of talking loud and laugh at stupid things.

Of course I'm not in anyway saying no one should drink around things, of preaching kids alcohol is devilish- I would never be that hypocrite , because I just don't fit in any extreme. I kinda grew up in both, and I'm living experience on how this stuff SHOULDN'T work.In many levels.

The other day I talked about a particular episode of domestic violence of my adulthood ,and thought I would never have to remember that again, but life is, I met a dear relative whom I haven't been seen for six years. And she made me remind that... Really, for the first time I was listening to someone else talk about that, and I wish it wasn't me she was talking about. I do remember going through all of that, but I kinda couldn't believe I didn't end up way more fucked up than I really am. I was born Mom's Little Princess, I grew up to be (almost) all Teacher's did I end up crying, at the Police Station? Shit hit us all, indeed.

But then I remember thinking 'bad things happens to everyone. Amazing things like there is in my life, this only happens to a few way too good lucky people like me'.

I know, this sounds crazy, or the kind of stupid self help talk. But that's what probably saved my live over more than I can had noticed. Knowing then what I know now, I'd probably be less fierceful about things. Wouldn't be so optimistic, so faithful. I believed slaying dragons was part of the fairytale or something like that.

I felt bitter for a while. I tought  I was loosing faith - and I'm not talking about religion here. I could say I felt like the gods deserted me. Somewhere deep in the heart of the jungle, they call it "Panema" , a very bad luck period, the forest spirits are against one. But I didn't have the time to dwell in misery, for I had full bunch of work to do...
 That kinda made me angry at some point, too.

I'm glad I noticed there isn't happy endings before it ends... But if one doesn't expect happiness, what can there be in the end? I'm fighting to make sure it won't be misery. It wasn't til now.
And I am sure the worst is gone. Because I'm so stronger.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What for..?

Sometimes, when everything is chaos and I feel broken to misery, my heart turns to you.
And then I wish I could just die before crying again.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Got ya.

We are nothing but animals. Humans have to admit and respect this fact in order of not to go crazy when dealing with the power of our own instincts.

I'm a still fertile woman, this meaning I bleed every month if I'm not pregnant. My body simply won't need all that extras it prepared in case of a pregnancy, so it will simply drop it out.  Nothing more natural than this.

But then you can imagine how big preparation it was, and how bad my body seemed to be expecting a pregnancy..! You can then guess how BIOLOGICALLY horny I feel around a week for month, when my body says I'm all ready to go.  To me it's already a fucking torture everyday, but in occasions like this, it might end up that I totally loose control. I'm not then getting into details of how does it turns out to the real person here, because it's way too fucked up, but I can at least asure any eventual reader that probably my best posts were made in times like this. When I feel like "getting pregnant" at all costs.

He was sitting in front of the computer as he had been for hours already. Working, it doesn't matter, he was doing his stuff and seemed focused. I know how it goes and I managed to ignore him all day long. It had been a very rainy weekend and I didn't feel like going anywhere. So I cleaned up the whole place, did laundry for us both, cooked a nice meal with vegetables, meat and grains, did dishes and wrote few notes to the next class I'm to teach on Politics....and still couldn't drive mind out of the naughty thoughts that crossed my mind every time I noticed he was there, so easy to reach...

He was working, focused, and I couldn't touch him. He'd be mad if I ruined his concentration. But I was so in need I could feel a wet wave in between my legs on my very glance of him. He was listening to some piece of music, closed his eyes and mumbled to the sound only him was listening through the headphones. He seems in a completely different dimension, and so vulnerable..! He wasn't seeing anything, sure not listening to my approach....

It was so tempting and so dangerous idea..! I knew I would have to be very quick to make it work, and there would be no way out once I've started.
But fuck common sense...I collected what I needed and approached him from behind, putting my both hands to his shoulders. He shaked  a bit to the touch that certainly " awakened" him, but still gave me s smile. I smiled back and went on massaging his neck and shoulders. He moaned softly, he was liking it, I smiled. Started massaging his arms, and made a few stretching moves. At some point I had his both arms pulled back around the chair, with his hands together. That's when I cuffed him.

-Hey, what do you think you're doing..?

His tone was still not angry, but I expect it to eventually turn harsh when he noticed I would not give up or apologize for getting in the way of him and his job. "Really, I don't have the time for this now".
It was quite easy to tie his feet to the chair, for his habit was to rest his feet on the chair's basis. It doesn't matter how bigger than me he is, he was the hopeless one now. The cuffs are strong, he always made sure the cuffs were strong enough so his bitches would never escape him. Now he was caught.

-I need to finish this. -his tone was getting lower.
-Let's see what's been deserving more attention than me,lately..!

I bended over him, making sure to put my boobs close to his face. then took off his headphones and put to my head. It was a pretty catchy symphonic hard rock oriented with bubblegummerish lyrics about a love beyond life and against all odds. At that moment, that kinda made me laugh.

-What's so funny..?

I unplugged the headphones, got off his lap and turned the volume up. Turned my back on him and moved away slowly, trying to feel the music with my body.

-It's too loud,neighbours will call.
-I don't give a fuck.
-Are you drunk? -he asked, kinda surprised.
-No, but it's a good idea...I can have a drink to toast on this beautiful scene...
-Cut this crap, I have a shitload of work to do..!
-Indeed you do, if this shit is the stuff you spent the whole weekend working on , instead of fucking me.

I still hadn't drink one sip of alcohol that day before saying that, but gosh, the feeling was inebriating..! I finally let the whiskey come down through my lips and went on dancing to his newborn song.

-Feel this rythym. Listen to your own riffs. This is not a song you expect to be playing at the gates of heaven. It sounds like strong booze, cheap whores and loud crowds. And you're singing about moving the skies, oceans and lands to find the loved of your life.
-Well, it's just lyrics.
-About searching in wrong places?

 I wouldn't turn my eyes away this time. His music spoke so louder than the words on it. The song sounded like Prince Charmed proposing to a stripper on a shit hole brothel. Well, the stripper was about to play the evil dirty queen.
I came closer, touching his body as much as I wanted. Caressed his neck with my lips , enjoying the scent of his hair, mixed with the sweat on his skin. He wouldn't pull my hair or force my hips, he wouldn't tell me when to cum or not... He was locked up and served to my will, no matter what he would threat despite.
I pulled off his T-shirt, that got stuck to his wrists. I would have ripped that off if I needed. I let my hands run through every centimeter of his chest, admiring the beauty of my own nails in contrast to his skin. Oh, I could scratch him so deep, as a lioness eager for her male.

-Don't you dare. -he seriously warns me.
-What are you going to do..?

I took off my panties, but kept my skirt on. Sat on his lap, spreading my legs around him. My nails slowly going harder on his delightful white skin... I feel like biting his neck , licking his ears, doing things that makes no sense as I am enslaved to the sensations I get from rubbing my throbbing hungry pussy against his jeans, feeling that maybe he's not that offended that I interrupted his work and was too sincere about the critics...

Yeah, the lyrics were lousy and I felt like I had my share on fairytales. I was never the Princess anyway, so no way I would stay forever locked on a tower. I would slay the dragon myself, escape and become the best hooker at the roadside cantina in the way to Never Ever Land. At a shit hole brothel, where his disgracefully delicious music was driving my mind to, as I moved my hips harder against him.

He was panting. And sweaty. I freed him from his jeans and admired that moment for a while: after all, he was all there for me, at least.
I sure wasn't in a hurry. Enjoying the music and the body movement, I wasn't paying any attention to the words anymore. I was interested in teasing him, twerking my pantyless pussy on his lap, shaking my tits to his face, squeezing his head against them.  Tonight I could suck and lick him for as long as I wanted, not just until he gets bored and turns me up to fuck my holes.

And I would start with a delicate kiss. Its hard to hold the urge of swallowing all at once, but I want to enjoy it as long as I can..!  I get on my knees in front of him, but now I'm in control as my fingers move to caress his balls, put them in my mouth while my other hand reaches around his cock, so undoubtedly hard. I let my soaked tongue explore between his legs, sucking, licking and kissing, as if I could fuck him with my mouth. I couldn't wait anymore to taste his cock, and I deepthroated  that huge dick for long minutes, feeling moist dripping down to my legs...

He wouldn't say a thing anymore. He didn't seem angry, he was undoubtedly excited but also looked bit in pain. I wondered if it was too uncomfortable to be on that position.
I was sure not feeling any easy. Since he couldn't touch me, it was all up to me whether to cum . I hadn't touched my pussy or inserted anything, just virginally rubbed it against Red's hard on, so he'd feel how hot I was...

I was being moved on that lust, and his hostage eyes contradictions with a stone hard cock were taking me to the edge. I more than EVER needed to sit on his lap, but I knew I would have an orgasm before his dick was totally in to my vagina. And I wanted to enjoy that.
He was the one in bondage. I was the one in torment...

Slowly I slide his dick between my pussy lips... Smearing all that juice over me. I hold his hard on with my hand, guide it one centimeter in. I feel my pussy drooling on that pulsating head. We both are moaning, I don't look away from his eyes. My hands guide him to position and I let him all into my ass, slowly twerking him in and out, to the beat of the music...

As it goes on and on the dance becomes urgent and the urge grows bigger. My asshole is stretching up and each stuck is easier and more pleasant, and the rhythm of the song becomes faster as I'm already sitting hard on him all the way. Literally banging his dick with my ass. My pussy was crying in jealousy and I felt like touching my clit a bit, just a bit, because it was so worthy exploding sitting hard on his cock... But then he said something and his voice felt so week I took that very seriously.

-Please, love... I'm about to cum and I will have terrible cramps in this position... Can you untie my feet, please..!?

OK... We have been on that for a while already and I was in fact questioning about that before. So I quickly released the ropes and put his feet free, so I could go on deciding how I would c...

-Wait, how come..?!

His hands were free and he was grabbing me from the neck. His eyes were sadistic and he said nothing, but carried me to the couch and shoved that harder-than-ever  erection on my pussy. I screamed and he slapped my butt , while deeply, violently banging me as if I was just a little sex toy. I couldn't help cumming, and was still on the top of the shockwave when he filled my anal gap with two fingers.

When he felt my pussy stopped pulsating and sucking his cock, he twisted me upside down and choked me on his dick. "You came when you wanted to, right? Now I want to cum, too!" -he said and proceeded fucking my throat without bothering if I could breathe at all. Maybe he noticed he was also so aroused that it wouldn't take long. But I had his penis so deep into my throat that it was actually a very clean scene... I swallowed all his load right away, without missing a single drop.

After we both recovered breath, I remember to ask:

-But how come you opened the cuffs..? I know myself those ones are the strongest there are..!

He laughed.

-They're safe, too. Just so they have a "trick" to be opened in case one can't find the keys,or some psycho sex nympho girlfriend tries to turn one into an unemployed sex slave...

-You won't loose your job, I'll let you finish your piece now. Besides, you'll have a lotta work ahead rewriting those lyrics...