Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ever since we said goodbye...

I feel like I'm at my best sexual shape ever. As a young adult, not only experience improved my skills, but also my consolidated self-assurance helped me feeling a lot more confident about everything involved in a relation, and the different meanings it may have for the persons sharing it.

Still, I miss that feeling. That heat that warms my heart and sets my pussy on fire at the same time. That urge of fucking while kissing, to cum eye-to-eye. The need of having you so deep and deeper as your cock can get in me. Lemme suck you slowly and intensly as I hear you moan. I'm so wet.

I'll softly slide my tongue between your legs: does it tickle? Do it louder this time, you have no idea how sexy it sounds. Tie me up if you please. I do. What happens next? Shove it hard. Red marks. Ruined make up.