Friday, November 30, 2012

Wet n' wild

               I knew I was late for work, but still couldn't help staring at him sleeping by my side. Childlike, eyes closed, open mouth, I couldn't yet believe he was so real, so close, so mine. His scent still all over my body, brings back the memories of the crazy night before: spreaded clothes throughout the room, a broken lamp and a ripped curtain were a silent testimonial of what occured since we arrived from the silent streets, already engaged on everything that is dirty and lovely.
               I couldn't find my bra, I bet it got lost somewhere between the elevator and the corridor. Fact is that I remember arriving topless to the room, and then we went together to the shower, our naked bodies slipping against each other's, in a wet scented frenzy, Red lifted me up and down on his cock, while the water ran down through my body, he kissed me, drowned me in his urge as I was screaming for more. I love when he pulls me like this, I feel even tinier on his strong arms, played as a doll, totally unable of resisting either through strenght or will. At some point my foot kicked the tap and suddenly the water turned ice cold upon us. We laughed. We kissed.
              He embraced me with a towel and carried me to bed, a soaked mermaid with my hair and pussy dripping. He'd caress and dry me while I explored his manhood with my mouth, softly and slowly, kissing every inch in its most sensitive parts. My long nails left marks on his thighs as I felt him growing harder and deeper in my mouth. That voice sounded in a moaning that made me greedy to have him all inside me again. He violently rolled me in bed and leaned down on me, spreading my legs and sucking my clit, while his fingers stretched my cunt, while I choked on his cock. I came so hard in his mouth that I screamed pretty loud, even practically gagged. And before the shockwave would end, he jumped on me and started banging me hard. When I felt that hot meat being pushed all at once through my pulsating pussy, I thought I would faint, but I ended up cumming again one minute later, when he teased my ear with his tongue saying "You're the sexiest bitch I've ever fucked, and I'm filling you up in every hole tonight..." He injected all that hot load inside me, and then pulled his soaked dick from my pussy, smearing my lips with that sexy taste.

And that was only the beggining...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


            Not that I am proud of it, on the opposite, I quite hate this about myself. But I think it's funny when I see people declaring on Facebook how much they hate people. Most of them are pretty regular human beings, with regular jobs and social lifes. I don't think whoever truly hates people could do this. I presume then they only hate persons they don't know - or know enough not to like them.
I don't hate people and I even like to get social most of the time, but fact is that I´m all the time worried about the fact I'm not good at it. I know I'm nuts and I know it shows. And I'm pretty damn sure from experience people end up making a bad judgement of my being. The amount of Facebookers posting stuff like "be yourself" seems like pure irony to me: I get myself in trouble being myself pretty much most of the time - including with people who posts that kind of statements.

           Problem is that I'm very aware of the dangers of saying everything that should be said. So I end up saying nothing, and holding back so much that I prefere just to be left alone. Or worse: I end up taking the abuse just to avoid a conflict. I'm no good in arguments, and most likely to step back or go out walking, specially when I have something hard to discuss with someone that's dear to me. Again: I'm nuts. Maybe it's hard to explain my nutty points of view when in need of saying something or someone is wrong. I always have this fear to be hated - because when it comes to the ones I care I hardly can keep my mouth shut. But no one likes to be criticized, so I guess my lack of way ends up irritating people even more: I try to speak slowly and make my point very clear, because I need to measure my words too much. Then the other starts to argue and I simply loose  my thinking plot, and am most likely to start saying things that seems to make no sense.

          Maybe I'm just little retard, like Forrest Gump. I didn't like the movie too much, but I read the book and found it fantastic. I identify a lot with that guy: he's just an idiot, but somehow great things crosses his way, even though he doesn't expect much from anything. And there is this point where he's trying to explain how things work in his life: One day he was walking down the street and the neighbour asked him to wash his car or clean up his garden or something. Gump has a lot of hard work, and in the end the neighbour gives him two dollars. "What I really wanted to do was to tell him to shove that bill up on his ass, but instead I just thanked him, kept the money and walked away.". Yeah, this is pretty much me...

          Well, at least something I can't deny: big things happens in my life.

Dead tired

Past midnight, I arrive home. Arriving early, if you consider I've been hitting the sheets only with the first rays of daylight, lately. But I'm tired. Of working, of making part of a system I just can't understand, of enslaving my art for someone else's profit, I dunno. I don't intend to get into "that hippie crap" again, it's not even about any anti-corporative speech, it's just that I don't believe in what I am doing. I somehow can't put my heart on it, unlike any other shitty job I've ever had. For some time I could even enjoy it as an uncompromised joke. Right now it's just not funny anymore.

I was reading about Angus T. Jones, the young actor from "Two And  Half Men", and one of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood. So the little fellow was practically raised on the set of the most sexist TV series ever, and still found his way to the church, found Jesus and today recomends that people should "stop watching that crap". Makes me wonder how no matter what is happening in our lives, and how much of something surrounds us, things can always turn 180º in the most unexpected way.

I look at my empty bed, looking for a glimpse of Red. I wish I could wake him from his sleep with my wet caresses, but tonight I'm just too tired to be frustrated, making up dreams that I know are so far from reach.

Let him sleep while I turn on my vibrator, to cum and fall asleep faster than I would write the first two lines of the bedtime stories he inspires me every night.

Monday, November 26, 2012

All over again

            It's incredible how people are alienated nowadays. And this gets painfully obvious on monday mornings. Even who were slightly different on the weekend, turns back into a money zombie by then. Time scheduling, traffic jams, same job, same way, same car, same streets, same people. Humans are not built for this, I guess. That's why mankind is so crazy.
           I usually read the news even before I get up. But the news are also pretty much the same: corruption, violence, politics, the environment going to shit and no one really knows what does "culture" means anymore. Well, at least the Formula One champion for this year is knowed now. One less worry on my mind. Congratulations, Sebastian Vettel.

          This is a grey morning. Literally.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


You know when you read something aleatory somewhere, but that somehow stuck to your mind, and become a matter of philosophy to analyze that question..? Well, this been happening to me, around the social media sharing options, on porn sites. And some guy made notice how much we get to know about one's personality, just observing the kind of porn he or she likes.

        I guess I agree on that. But it depends also on what you´re looking for in porn. And I'd say there is plenty of stuff it's pretty acceptable and still people think it´s freak, while a bunch of really sick stuff is becoming pretty sociably acceptable.
         I think that a couple who's in sync to enjoy sex together should not be ashamed of doing it , true. But I think a normal people wouldn't think it's any sexy to eat poo or get especially aroused when seeing a gangbang with people dressed as Smurfs whistling "Sing a Happy Song". This last is just pretty fucking hilarious, and the first it's just sick.

       Yesterday I saw a very loose girl being pussy and ass stretched. Thats something weird to watch. she's so worn out it's scary. On the other hand I imagine how relaxed and enjoying she must be. She must have been fucked hard a lot to be like that. It gives me this naughty chill of seeing the guy easily pushing in and pulling out his quite thick dick from her ass, because it was a huge gap, maybe one step too far outside the sexy parameter. At least the parameter to look good on video. Other interesting thing is the "Big Cock Riding - Vol. 2" . All point of view movie clips, subtitled (in case you have to watch it muted) , featuring nice looking dick fucking nice looking pussy. Nothing too over, just plain good real life fucks. I think it works. Oh, yeah, and I wrote the name of the movie with underlined blue font just to wonder how many readers will think it's a link. No, I won't click on the "share" button on the pornsite...yet.

        I don't think, though, anyone would judge me for the porn I share any more than would for the porn I write. Especially with the pinch of reality I always provide my stories. Like tailor made porn I can't produce, but I can write the screenplay. Besides, I don't think it makes a lot of sense to believe I don't already share some my sexual preferences just in writing this much about it. And I like to believe this doesn't make me a bad person.


Today came to my sexy immagination one funny question: How many people that read an erotic tale, actually imagine that the author might be masturbating while writing it?

           I guess I watched a porn movie on this matter once. It was about a woman that wrote erotic tales, and each tale she was narrating, there was a whole scene performance to illustrate it. The tales and the direction was crappy, but the costumes and idea were pretty nice.I guess I can consider myself an erotic writer too, and I know how a scene appears to my mind everytime I am describing my thoughts here. It´s a kind of fetish, indeed.

Well, it's more like sunday morning than saturday night already, and I´m wide awake. I bet this "night shift" I have been doing  fucked up my maybe I can take time to write something that will inspire me to cum too. Afterall, I'm alone in my room, and decided to enjoy the night drinking a glass of fine champagne and writing some erotica fantasy on something I'd like to be doing with him, but I'll be doing to myself and my dildo. Maybe dildos were the first virtual reality machines. It's incredible how almost instantly as I turn mine, I seem to be anywhere else.

I'm shy enough to walk slowly and miss the crowded elevator, but tonight  I'm going to be a pornstar. I put some heavy make up on, dark coloured eyeshadow, flaming red lips, volumous hairdo, cheap jewelry, huge heels and brazilian wax. And Mr. Red will be the actor to go on this scene with me.  He could fuck me under the spotlights or backstage just for fun. I'd have it both ways. He could make a movie with the mobile phone: I´d still be his pornstar.

Now I feel my pussy is wet and  gently touch it with my fingers to taste if I can slide the dildo in a little bit. When I was getting prepared to write, I had it between my boobs, so it feels warm and comfortable. And that remembers me of when he's fucking my tits, that would swallow his entire cock to end up in my open mouth, so I could taste a bit of his flavour. I decide to suck the dildo -turned off, sure - just to  remember at least one bit of what it is to have his dick on my mouth. I have a pearl white vibrator in my pussy, and in my mind I have his cock fucking me slowly to madness.

I´ll pretend my naughty finger that is teasing me in the ass is his. And soon it will become his cock too. I shove the long dildo upon my butt, while I dream about having his meat in my ass seeing a view from a luxury beach house, where - back to the story- we were filming that day. Again, we're pornstars. It would be our first scene together, we heard about each other, but had never met. "It's something quite common to a porn actress, to have the first interaction with men by having sex with then." 

"He had already seen me in action that day. When he arrived, I was shooting a girl on girl scene, and he stopped to watch. I took a look and he was so hot, I wanted him to be extra teased when he got to fuck me. He watched the scene to the end, and whenever I knew the camera was not filming my face, I drove my eyes s to him. And when it happened, I got instantly wet. My partner later told me she was really surprised how wet I was, since I'm not a real lesbian. When I saw him discretely caressing his cock- that was noticeably hard - I came truly, madly and deeply while she was rubbing my cunt with her swollen clit."

"The scene didn't have any plot. Usually these are the most difficult to perform, since you don't have much time to get in the mood - when you get to do it at all. But the mood was already set. I was having my hair done and still wearing the pair of jeans I left home with. He  came to me and asked if I wanted to have some foreplay before the shooting. He was not making fun nor being naive: he was being polite and sexy, without being aggressive. Well, maybe it would, in real life, but not in the fantasy we're filming here. I turn on my dildo to figure how would this foreplay be. Would he want me to suck him, would he suck me or just offer me a back rubbing. I guess he would start from the back rubbing. A great one with that incredible hands, that went down to my body and became an embrace from behind... But instead, he asked me if he could see me fingering myself. I agred and he asked if I could do that now."

"I said okay. I took off my jeans and panties, and sit on a white chair, spreading my legs. He was just watching. I didn't take my blouse off, but freed my tits out of the neckline. I grabbed it with my hands and licked the tip of my own nipples. I could feel my clit getting hotter and my pussy getting wet, so I beging to pinch it softly with my long red nails."

"I was looking him in the eye and noticed he was touching his cock. I licked my lips in approval. I let him seen me fucking myself with my fingers in every hole and then he took his dick out to wank. I wanted that cock on my mouth immediately, but we should save our energy for the filming. It was time only for warm up..."

         Back to the reality of my lonely room, I am also leg spreaded, half naked, dripping wet. That'no no foreplay, I'm not getting his dick inside me tonight so, my immagination, my fingers and my toy will at least fool my senses for a while. The dildo is not as big nor  thick  as he is. Definitely isn't hotter and pulsating as he is, but I´m already almost cumming only of imagining him here, wanking his delicious boner in front of me.Oh... "Do it until you cum all over my pussy.."! The imagine of my cunt all covered in his hot load was too much to  take along with that dildo vibrating against my asshole and the butterfly touch of my fingertips to my clit. The vibrator was expelled when I came and I felt a shock to my nipples when it happened... And now I truly wanted to finish the story of the porn movie, but I got so tired I guess it's better leave it for a next opportunity.

         Well, maybe to write and masturbate simultaneously might be a great ploting idea, but in practice, it´s now proved to be pretty unproductive...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Late night games

            His touch is something magical that has the power of making everything right. And while his eyes were the lights to follow, I surrended to feeling of being in heaven, while the whole world collapsed outside the hotel windows. No worries, no bad deeds could enter that room where time stood still to watch our bodies embraced, dancing to a music that was only playing inside our hearts. He took off my blouse kissing me all over, as if it was the first time he was having me whole. He pulled me up and laid me down on the bed, covering me up with his shirtless body. I felt his hair touching my face and smiled back to that smile that could save one's soul with grace. No one is sexier, there's no one I could love more.

             I unbottoned his pants, he unlocked my bra. He held my breasts with both hands, kissing and sucking gently as I moaned. His lips snapped on my skin, and his heavy breathing were making me even more aroused, as I felt his hard on against my legs. I freed him from his jeans and wrapped him up with my legs, putting our heartbeats together. He was whispering in my ear, teasing me with his tongue as his hands pulled off my panties, so I could wet his dick on my juice. Biting my lips in delight when he locked my arms up my head, still caressing my pussy with his cock I couldn't wait to have inside me. I bounced my hips against him, made it wetter, made it hotter. "You're hungry" - he smiled. "I could eat you whole" - I answered.

              He climbed up on me, putting one knee each side of my head. He looked amazingly huge, looking down to me with the sweetest expression. I smiled as he softly passed his knob on my face. "Bad girl..." - I said. "My kind of girl."
I kissed his balls, sucking it gently. Licking all over between his legs to where my tongue could reach. Going up and down his cock with my hands, feeling the blood going through it, making it hotter, even harder, ready to fill me.
He rolled me over, I pulled my hips up, I was bitching for doggy style. Felt as banged by a horse when he first got cock deep on me. Slowly and strongly, until I was fulfilled, and then he squeezed as if he could go any further. I contracted him inside me, started swinging my hips as if dancing, while he grabbed my tiny ass, spreading it up, I knew what to wait for. From the mirror on the dresser I could see him bonded to my body, pullin that hot meat in and outside me, roaring as I moaned, he gave me his fingers to suck, choking me before stretching my asshole, one finger at a time. I screamed out loud in a painful pleasure, muffling the higher cries with my face against the pillows. Slow and deep. Faster and deeper, he was banging me, slapping my butt, talkin it rough and loud, I'd cry to each time he'd stuff me. I was almost there when he asked - and his voice was sure changed - "Are you ready?" 

"Give it all to me!" - I screamed as he took off his cock from my pussy and banged me in the ass, making me squirt at his very first attack. For ten seconds I felt my whole body squirming, but he'd keep me strongly held, now his roaring was getting louder, "Fuck, I'm gonna cum..!" - and I felt that hot wave invading me, he was pulsating inside me, injecting me with that sweet load, I felt his legs were trembling. We both collapsed, still entwined, panting and laughing. He took my hair off my face, kissed my shoulder. I had a wide open smile, we were more complicit than ever.

-What are you laughing about? - he asked, as if he wasn't laughing himself.
-I won, I came first..!
-Didn't know we were competing...
-Do you want a rematch?
-I don't think that would be fair play right now...

Again, morning would come from between the curtains. And once more, I fell asleep on that arms I love, to wake up later to a reality better than my fairest dreams.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


... I've noticed that I don't have much time anymore to write about things that crosses my mind every now and then. I still think there is so much to see and comment on this world, and still somehow when I sit to write something, a lot of bullshit comes out. Not counting my erotic outbursts: how many times I caught myself thinking about some nice subject to develop on this blog, and I end up opening up the dangerous gates of my sexual imagination. Guess I have a dirty mind...
Or else, I end up complaining about my job. "Come on , girl, if this shit is so bad, why don't you just quit it at once? " Well, now I sure will: imagine you guys that they hired a lady just to read the stuff we write before it goes online. In another words: a Quality Control that works. And today I knew she hated my "square design dice,  with details in little round dots". Yeah, maybe it was a bad joke, but believe me: you would do anything to drive out of the boredom if your life was to describe - usually useless - fancy products. What were they expecting me to say about a fucking dice, anyway, to make it "sound" sophisticated? I was just giving it some glittering description...

Then, here I am again: I have time and opportunity to think and write about anything in the world, but still there is this childish song playing on my head. I won't bother to translate it here, and I guess it might be something from my country, but it´s about an alligator (!!) that buys a chair to his girl friend, only because he went to a market and didn't know what to buy. Sounds legit. I must be getting insane.
In a few days it will complete one year since my marriage ended. Time sure went fast. I think about how my life changed since then. To better, mostly. But one year ago I just couldn't believe it would. I am thankful - very thankful - because all the blessings I got in the meanwhile were sure a gift from the sky. I fought, I sure did, but the best came from grace. I'm just so lucky sometimes.

And slowly I learn there's a season for everything.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hammy's day off

Hello audience! How's everybody feeling today? I had quite a pleasant holiday, if I may say so, because at least, I didn't have to work. I hate my job, you know. I don't think they pay enough money to have my sanity in exchange. Not that I have too much of it, but enough to keep me from signing my own demission before getting my Christmas bonus.
Today I decided I won't write about sex. This have been my only subject for a week or more, and noticed that this blogs accesses are getting lower. I don't want to bore you all with my lack of sexual life. Of course, because if I was doing that allright, hell I wouldn't be wasting time writing about it.
And to celebrate the last day of the year that I will have any kind of relaxing, we had a family barbecue. You know, I don't really understand why people still barbecue on the microwave era. Only if it is to make your lunch difficult, so you´ll have more time to drink beer while preparing it.
And now I should be concentrated on my novel. It's coming out pretty good, and I´m really enjoying writing it. I would publish a few lines here for your appreciation, but I think it would ruin the surprise. You will all be surprised when I finally finish my novel, even I will be surprised I didn't get bored on it before I can write the ending. You all will love the ending, I´m pretty sure of it .
Until then, have a nice life. It´s raining oceans here and the thunders are saying I should turn off the computer before an eletric discharge burns it. Stay cool, play safe, and don't forget to brush your teeth right after the meals!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Black and white sex fantasy

Tonight, I'd like to dance. In a dark room, red lights, the cheapest burlesque possible. Let us make it a scenario: he would be wearing a mafia outfit. Al Capone style, with the hat and the cigar - That would be hellish sexy. I would also be wearing pearls, gloves, maybe feathers. A 1945 dish. Pleasuring him with a vintage lap dance. I have no idea what it would be playing, maybe something like Johnny Mercer. I'd dance and strip slowly, looking at his eyes while he tasted his cigar and drank sips of scotch. And wearing nothing but my jewelry, long stockings and high heels, I'd sit on his lap making him smell my perfume. And let him rub that urging erection against me. Only a dance, where I can touch him, but he can't touch me. I lead his hands to my breast, my waist, my moisted legs. I put my leg up to his shoulders, and lie upside down on his lap, spreading my legs wide open. My eyes inviting him to finger me, and he starts as a gentleman, making sure I had an overwelming orgasm before asking me to suck his cock until he cum in my mouth. And I didn't miss a drop.

I'd like to dance tonight...But after having this scene in my mind, I guess I can expect another long night of erotic dreamings and lonely moanings..

Quote of the day

Ok, right now I guess I have everything I want:
If I want beer, I can drink beer.
If I want vodka, I can drink vodka.
If I want him, I can drink vodka.

Been thinking about it...

Yes, unfortunatedly, I'm only an human. A girl with a weak for the lust. I used to describe myself as a conservative person when it comes to sex, as the opposite to "promiscuous". But it wasn't really the best translation. I'm a "straight edge" kind of kinky. And I get better the more I get intimate.
But any of those who can read this, knows my mind is not so shy and selective and I am in behaviour. I have a little of common sense left, still. As Holden Caulfield would say 'probably in my mind I'm the biggest sexual perv there has ever been'.
And this story of threesome kinda got stuck in my mind. I dunno if I got to share a life with pretty weird people, or if this has always been something pretty "normal", and I am the one who was missing it all. I mean, this is pretty common on the porn movies and stuff, but it´s kind of shocking to me to find out a lot of people I know have been through this situation, both guys and girls.
I have this girl friend I've been knowing for some time, and I guess she would be quite a partner. I dunno why, but I have this impression she must be the right company for a moment like this. But still, I was wondering, how do you invite someone for a menage? *laughs*

I remember one day me and this girl were talking about sex. We always do, actually. She was present that day I started telling how I got to cum only by being penetrated, for example, and I bet big time it was one of us that started this penis subject. And I was already drunk and started to talk about Mr. Red's great deeds. And this friend doubted me. "It can't be that big."
-And good..! - I took another sip of my beer. - Really, I was so stupid I didn't film that. When I told him this he said he wouldn't mind. Damn me that wasn't daring enough to ask. I just figure he would hate, as I know he hates cameras...
-You say you hate cameras too! - my friend laughed - And you just said you would like to shoot a porn with him.
-I will... next time, you bet.
- Good, and then you show me for me to believe how good this guy is..!

Well, I guess it would be pretty convenient to ask her to film us, then. It would be very nice opportunity to make a better movie than that "Blair Witch" kind of porn, and prove her once and for all how good is the good stuff I'm talking about. It can't be a bad idea. I just have to get us three an opportunity and be sure there's a full charged camera around. I can figure the whole scene: we'll be drinking somewhere when I'll start to make out hard with Mr. Red in front of her. And ask her to film it.  I want great close ups, specially when I'm sucking him. And when he's fucking me in the ass. Really, I bet it looks as great as it feels to have that all inside me. And I want to see my face when he´s eating my pussy, eyes closed, with his face between my legs. And the idea of someone else filming it is something that makes me excited and shy, but I guess with a friend it would be more comfortable. And she´s sexy. I can imagine we both licking his cock, and I guess he'd like it.

I can almost taste it already...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mr. Red doesn't even know...

...but the night was only beginning. After the threesome, we went on for a little bondage, rough anal, dildo fun , pov poetry, squirting parties and mostly all favourites categories of porn. I literally spent the night on fire and went to bed with the first rays of light, knocked out and about to have a heart attack. Sexual insomnia and a desperate urge to feel that skin on mine again..

Tea for two

 - That one?
 - What do you think?
 -She's not likely to be into this kind of stuff...
 -It's not about  this kind of stuff, baby... - I laughed - it´s about this kind of stuff - I made him notice, getting my hand full on his pack. I licked his lips and left him alone. I walked to the bar counter, where she was sitting by herself.

 - A Jäger shot - I ordered out loud to make myself noticed. I took the half second opportunity of her glance to ask - "What are you having?"  "A red fruit cocktail" - she answered. " So I´m having one aswell. Make it another for her, too.".
The bartender nodded. "Thanks" - she said. 

- My name is Hamalka..I noticed you are alone.
-Yes, since the gig was on a weekday, it seems that my friends are not as fanatics as I am...
-Why don't you come sit with us, then? - I invited. She took her glass and followed me. I went straight to the table, sitting by his side and turning fast enough to notice that she stucked a few steps away from the seats, mesmerized by him.

- Good night, have a seat - he said to her. - "He won´t bite you" - I laughed - "I promise" - He said. I was biting his neck myself.
-Would be great... - she dared to mumble.
-Can be arranged. - He blinked. But soon we were talking amenities about the gig, the bar, the night and the society. We kept the drinks coming. She was sitting on the other side at the table while I was by his side, already feeling my pussy drooling with his fingers caressing it from over my panties. In fact, we weren't being too careful on the flirting, on purpose. When a drop of my drink fell on my neckline, he licked it off. And when offered his own cocktail for us to taste, he first rubbed the straw  gently on my lips before shoving it on my mouth, as if it was his hard cock. He also made some insinuations passing the straw on her lips and looking straight to her eyes while she sucked the drink. Yeah, she was in.

After that, she left to the toilet and he said, teasing my ear and pushing my hand to his pants " Chill out. As soon as I can walk without showing, we´re leaving." - I laughed: his pants were about to explode. He dipped his finger in my pussy and gave me to suck it, then tasted my juicy flavour with a deep wet french kiss.
When the girl came back he made noticed that the bar was closing and we were intending to go home, where we still had some nice bottles to empty. "Why don´t you join us?" - I invited, pretty sure by then she'd accept. We three took a cab to our hotel, where after the first glass of wine and after a few minutes of shallow fun conversation, he went to take a shower, according to the script. Leaving us girls by ourselves and in silence. But there were no innocents there.

- You seem to be a bit shaky - I said to her, maliciously touching her neckline as fixing it.
-I'm bit nervous.
-Don't be.- I said, already with a hand full on her breasts- I won't bite you either.

 I opened her blouse, uncovering her breasts and licked her hard pink nipples. She grabbed my hair and moaned, getting loose on her shyness second by second. I unzipped the upper part of my dress and made her suck my nipples too, while we caressed each others pussies. Mine was already flooded from the bar teasing, and hers was just starting to drip. I explored it softly, minding my long nails, grabbing her clit in between two fingers and sliding my hand all the way between her legs.

 I noticed the running water sounds had stopped for a while by then, and it was no surprise when I noticed he was silently watching us from the shadow he emerged from, wearing only a towel around this waist, as I was sitting leg-spreaded on the couch, having a girls tongue all over my cunt.  He approached and let me get rid of the towel that couldn't hide that pulsating erection. He positioned my face before gagging me with that hot dick, grabbing my breasts. "Don't stop" - he said to the girl - " Open up her pussy and suck her clit hard, I wanna see it."
He was pinching and slapping my boobs and her tongue and fingers were playing with my pussy and caressing my ass. I had my eyes wide opened to him, feeling that huge cock being forced down my throat while my pussy was being violently kissed and masturbated by the definitely experienced hands of another woman. I pulled her up, gotta feel that whole light body on top of mine, the breasts squeezing together, her long hair touching my skin.  She seemed thirsty to suck up that cock too, and I offered it to her in my hands.
We were both kneeled at his feet, open mouthed while he fed us with his majestic meat. A little bit each. She sucked his head while I delicatedly sucked his balls. I could feel her breasts touching mine while we shared the taste of his cum.

She laid down at the couch, I climbed on her. We were both dripping wet, and the contact of her hard clit againtst mine was irresistible. We started tribbing, my tits bouncing against hers. Mr. Red came from behind us. I could feel one hand grabbing my ass, with a fingertip playing in my asshole while he squezzed harder my hips against hers. I knew he was fingering her ass too. At some point he had his finger inside her and his tongue inside me. Then I felt his fingers and heard her moanings go louder. I bet he had his tongue deep inside her pussy and was drinking from her. Our pussies were superwet, I was getting crazy of sliding it together up and down his cock. Our clits were on fire and Mr. Red was slowly stocking one pussy at a time. He fucked me hard, than shoved his cock to her pussy, grabbing us both by the hips. And to my pussy again.
Then I turned her upside down, the sixty nine style. She would suck my clit as a slut and I spreaded her whole and was eating that pussy as a hungry tigress. Red watched that for a moment, as if choosing in that position he'd be. With his dick in his hand, he came to me. "Suck it hard, and then let me fuck her." I felt it growing bigger and hotter in my mouth , then with my hand I guided it to her pussy.

."Fuck her, shove it hard inside her pussy, I´ll be watching closely". And I was actually amazed of how much of flesh he was shoving inside the girl. She tried to scream, but I shut her pressing my hips against her face, and she paid it back by dipping two fingers to my asshole at once. I was drooling and sucking her clit while Red pulled and pushed his dick on her. His hands eventually slapt my butts. All of a sudden and fast, he changed places. I heard him asking her to keep me opened, for he wanted me to take him in the ass as she sucked my cunt.
And I came squirting on her face while I felt his cock ripping me up while that slut french kissed my pussy. He was fucking my ass, my cunt, her mouth,  watching us masturbate each other, taking turns in between our legs. We were both giving him head, licking his dick until the last drop of cum get spilled, like female animals we are. Our little dirty orgy had its champagne climax, and in a few seconds we were lying exhausted with him in the middle, arms around us both like a sultan.

In the middle of the night I'd feel his whole body spooning me. I woke up little surprised, and without opening his eyes, he softly smiled and kissed my shoulder.
And I knew when two people complete, there´s no room left for jealousy.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Here you make, here you pay...

It was past midnight when I left the office last night. For the first time since I started working I seriously thought about leaving my desk and simply walk out that office. Things were really hard, but we fought strong and we made it, and me and my friend even allowed ourselves the luxury of going home by taxi - paid by the company, of course.
I arrived home , got under my warm covers, turned up the TV to watch " NDA - Salassapitosopimus".  It was sure over 1:30 a.m, when I listen to my mom knocking my door, saying my friend was there to pick me up to work.

What? How come? How could the alarm didn't ring? She didn't send any message? Was it really saturday?

Mom entered my room, saying again my friend was already there. How come? I asked myself then if all that celebration, the taxi trip and our happiness about finally closing the week and off for a four day holidays, were actually just a dream. "Are you sure that she's here?" - I asked - "Absolutely, your father already went to answer the door."

I asked myself then if the dream wasn't actually that moment. Maybe I had slept in the middle of the movie, and was now dreaming. So, what now? I have no idea, but didn't bother getting up. "I'm sorry, but if she's there, she can leave without me, for no way I'm leaving my bed right now."
But it wasn't a dream. What actually happened is that I did fell asleep while I was watching the movie. And about 8 hours passed by until the moment my mom knocked.

But it wasn't my friend who rang the doorbell: it was someone else, the mailman, I guess. And my mom presumed it was my friend because of the honk that came right before the doorbell. And since she didn't knew whether I was working saturdays or not - I had already worked the entire holiday - she came to call me.

Well, she came back again to explain and apologize. Well, I wouldn't be mad at her for it, but anyway, my sleeping was ruined. I got up and went after some breakfast. If my mom was actually playing me an April Fool´s Day trick, it would be quite a good one, but it is November 17th and she's not even that kind of troll.
     - So - I asked my mom - Did you remember taking my camera yesterday to gradma's?
    -Yes - she said - But... I didn't take any pictures with it.
    -Why not? I wish so much I was there, but I was at that damn office, I wanted to see the pictures...
    - I had to took it with my cell phone - she said - because when I turned on the camera, it somehow was showing a picture of you where you were...well...uh... - she didn't knew how to say. I tried to remember where I last used the camera. It was on my little cousin's birthday party. I was wearing a deep neckline that might had tricked me on the picture, or something. - I even laughed at mom - "But it wasn't any naked pictures of me, right?"
    -No but...well, it wasn't something I could show your brother or cousin if I gave someone to fix the camera for me... and since  I don't know how to change it from the "play" funcion.. I gave up.

I just laughed and finished eating before  I take my camera to see the picture she was talking about. Fuck me if it wasn't the last of that - THAT - pictures I took the other day. That ones I sent Red.
Great, now my mom knows I ever took naked pictures of myself in the mirror. Worse, she knows I've been recently done that, since the pictures are actually after the birthday pictures that was just a few weeks ago. And to be sincere, I am pretty sure she knows where that pictures ended up.
And I wonder if Scarlet Johansson felt as embarassed as me the day her mirror naked pictures went public. Okay, her pictures made it to the news, but mine went straight from inside my camera to my mom's eyes. Very disconcerting to say the least, pretty typical of happening to me..!

One more day in Hamalka's life

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


...seems that last night someone have been drinking and blogging again.
Damn it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ok, enough

Nothing makes me more lonely than searching for motel rooms when I´m so sure I'm not getting any sex.

"Come closer" -she whispered. "I got a whole lot of surprises to you"
"Back off" -he said. "You´re drunk." - as if she had anything to regret the morning next.
She slowly took her clothes off. " I'm good enough to enjoy you...every single inch". With this words she untied his belt, his pants - and in a glimpse she had him on her mouth. All that she wanted - the taste that lasts forever - was hers to enjoy. A love for life, sex to  how long human body can take- and respect forever. Where was the magic this life should give us all humans- on her hands, in her lips, she'd give herself to that moment if only that could mean the lifetime of a butterfly. Pure dream, pure wonder, would to be all over you tonight...
Obsession: a word that could easily describe her if not love and the need of knowing such an unique person in this life. "What did you do to me?" "Nothing" - would be the answer she feared of.
"Come.." - she´d beg him in a highlight of desire while knowing it was too out of reach to taste. "Can´t" - that would be everything he could say on a moment that nothing seemed fair.
And this goes on forever, whenever dreams find a way to be dreamed...Chariots of hopes have been passing by and still nothing could stop her heart. While her tongur softly caressed him she thinks it´s her he's been dreaming of.
"Don't stop"-she begs, feeling her moment arriving. "Why?" He'd question, not sure what to expect. "Because I'm feeling, the music is coming and I never had a chance to listen it properly."

He´d fuck every inch of her praying in the morning she would gone. All she dreamed was him to e by her side. Love is complicated and no one can ever say one lived long enough to testify. "Why things had to be like this?"-she asked.

And he was not there to answer.

Home drunk

Okay, let´s see.. this is another one of that posts I´m writing with too much booze on my mind to bother about grammar and stuff.
Today the company I work for decided to have an anniversary party and I probably had too much to drink, I remeber having three drinks, but my friend said I had four, what-evrer, who´s counrting.
I am laughng my as off while I write this because I am making a whole lot of mistakes, butI won't correct any, I probably shouldn´t be writing after having three or four drinks, but whateer I´m wrting becase I ant to and now I need to go to te toilt, buuuuut... I guess tthere´s no paper and thats ...wait.

okay, i´m way better noe or I took of that outfit that was squeezig me and now I can go on properly though I have nonidea what I was writong about.

this is so fucking funny, I am stil writing this and now the whole world will knoow I´ve been dnkinjg, not tat I care since the booze was paid ad I have nooooooone to answer to, but still... Damn, tomorrow I´ll havea disgraceful hangover and I will have to work... well, fuck, I guess my boss knows whee I hae nbeen.

See you, thi is gettig wierd...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting high on my addiction

I've been feverishly writing lately. Not here, as you may notice, and definitely not at my work. Well, I have been writing a lot there, but I don't put any passion on it. To be true, most of the time I don't even know what I am talking about. I don't know, I don't own and I probably never will buy any of that stuff I'm selling. Fancy overpriced stuff does not appeal to a girl of simple taste and priceless dreams.

For the first time in my life I found a story that is worth telling. For the first time since I became an adult I'm really feeling pleased in putting on paper (literally, for I do handwrite most of the time), the story that I want to be remembered for. The story I want my daughter to read and think "My mom is definitely cool."

And though I have no time for doing anything else in my life than working at that damn office, I wake up when everything is still dark, just to have a chance of writting a few lines more. Each letter is hardly a sacrifice, instead is a work that makes me feel more alive, makes me revigorated and happy, refreshing hopes and painting my dreams in even more vivid colors. It's amazing how I feel about it. Writing the things I love to write about. I might be dead by the morning, but at least now I know at least a bit, a little bit part of the most beautiful thing I've ever done, will be left.

Or maybe I should finish this first, and then fake my own death. Dead authors are more likely to become best sellers.

What am I talking about, anyway...even this blog is a complete fail. Not counting the visitors from Russia: I don't know a single breathing soul in that country, but they seem to like my writing.

Hello, Russia! If there is any editor interested in publishing my material, I'm available..!

Maybe I shouldn't...

...But I'm totally in love today.
And it's only another rainy monday. He's thousands miles away.
Inside me.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Controversial cauliflower

Ah... I love this narrow minded people I was lucky enough to be born among. I love to open the saturday morning newspaper and notice that one of the main headlines is about some media celebrity's intimate plastic surgery. "I always wanted to do it, I had a cauliflower, but now I have the vagina of my dreams!"
I almost sprayed my coffee out on that amazing statement. Well, maybe it should not be that amazing. Because fact is that most of the girls I know under 40 had already gone into surgery for a purely esthetical reason. Boobjobs, liposuction and nosejobs mainly, but also some ear reduction, butt-lifting and lip-filling.
Intimate surgery is not that buzz. Some - not one or a couple, but some - celebrities assumed to had done, even that infamous "virgin again" intervention. I can't think about anything more useless than this. To waste money and bear pain just to...ruin it all in a second. Gee, that´s beyond fetish, even for me.

News like this makes me sad. Vanity makes me sad. - the fact of such an useless thing about  a girl who is nothing : not an actress, not a singer not anything but a mediatic celebrity that came to be knowed after a random inccident - could make headlines. If it does, it because these headlines sells. Not as a "bizarre" news, but as normal "entertainment section"

And to think about my future as an old lady in a society where I am already misplaced as a young woman, makes me sad in a way. I don't want to be lonely. On the other hand, maybe being a twisted granny would make me more appealing...

By the way I never noticed what kind of vegetable my vagina looks like. Actually I don't think it's specially pretty or ugly, never got any complaints on it. Now it got me wondering...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is it me?

Ok, I know I've been through this subject before, but truly: I dunno whether I get mad or sad about the behaviour of some people I used to actually take as friends, good friends even. To begin with, Facebook fold out a completely new side of some persons I used to think I knew. It's admirable to notice how much you can find out about some dudes just observing what they like or share, even without commenting a word.
But this guy drove me out of limits:  it´s been some time that he's been commenting and liking my stuff, okay, but never sent an inbox before. It's one of the mates from the old times who I used to have on high account, even because he always treated me politely. Well, this guy sent me an inbox message while I was actually working at the office. I usually leave my facebook open to check out and interact every now and then, but hardly keep on inbox conversations during worktime. He is married and have a little kid, and started the conversation asking me how I was doing, since he knew my marriage was broken and stuff, and then he started telling me about how his marriage was going wrong.

I thought the guy was in need to open up, have some friendly counseling or something like it, so I gave him my professional skype id, so I could give him a little more attention without completely loose my working focus.

Then, he started insisting about having a conference, I said I couldn't, I was working, and kept on the conversation about marriage. He started then telling me how many times he cheated on his wife to have sex with teenage girls, and worse - he actually was blaming it on his wife, for "she doesn't give him sex enough, and a girl who denies sex for so long is asking for that". I dunno how I still dared to ask for how long. He said "two weeks".

It may be only my opinion, but I don't think anything justifies cheating, but a fail of the cheater - it can be weakness, opportunity, a vulnerable moment, a love unexpected, too much drugs in the brains or even pure simple mischievousness  (or douchebagging). Still, it can't be the other's fault. Not even if the other cheated first: break it or forgive it, but to fight fire with fire still says more about you than about him / her.

Anyway, things got worse: the guy asked me for my phone number and invited me to have a beer sometime. I thanked politely and didn't lie when I said I haven't been finding time even to drink water properly. And the idiot said "Uh, no need to be scared, I won't try to force you to have sex with me or anything". I said  "Glad to know." and he said "You will give yourself voluntarily". I wrote that I doubted that, for I was taken, and he said I wouldn't be able to resist him.

Truly, even if he wasn't the butt ugly married bastard that he is, my answer wouldn't be no different: "Baby, I'm sorry, but I'm faithful to my feelings and my principles, and if I say I consider myself taken, it's because I have found the best lover in this world for me and it's not a matter of resistance, but of choice."
Happened next is that HE became pretty offended and said "Gee, I don't even know why you gave me your contacts, then. I'm outta here, I'm wasting time."

Really. What do fuckers like this  thinks I am? I which moment of my life I gave room to be taken as such a bitch that would take this kind of proposal? I like sex, I looove sex and I am not ashamed of say so, but I missed the point where it gives anyone the right of disrespect me or anyone else because of it. Okay, it's not as I had never went out with a guy who had a girlfriend - GIRLFRIEND, not a wife and kids - and if it's any excuse at all, I was really in love. And even then, I don't think I'd be able  to keep any good feelings for a guy who thinks it´s well done to cheat because his girl don't gives him sex for two weeks when conversation, breaking up, a clear warning, maybe even a fight could be a better way.

I dunno. It's just me. Who am I to judge this guy for what he does to his own life. What I am really pissed about is his attitude concerning me. Besides, I'm truly amazed how vain he could be. "I wouldn't resist"...*lol*. I bet his dick is tinier than his brains.

And I know what I'm worthy of.

And this is the much this matter will have from me. 'nuff said.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

On a second thought...

...I'm a bit embarrassed of what I did last night. I mean, the pictures. And I don't even have the excuse of being drunk or anything. Me and my impulsive outbursts..!

Well, too late for that.

Picture it

I did something nasty today.

I was in the front of the bathroom mirror, finishing my make up. Still naked, as I had just left from the shower. When the weather is hot like now, it's pleasant to feel the wet skin drying naturally. I was scented and even had my shoes on already. I always leave the outfit for last, so I won't have any accidents with make up or unwanted wrinkles on my clothes...
I was thinking if there was any way for me to wear my scarf as a blouse. I always think it would look nice, but way too vulgar, so I was trying to find a way to tie that up as a blouse without getting whorish - looks. But in fact, I was only finding out even more indecent ways to wear it. One of them was truly a pearl: made my boobs and my nipples look bigger.
Really, that was very, very cheap. I was looking like a slut, but that sure was nice, I felt sexy. I wanted him to see me like that.
Why not to take a picture and send him? Yeah, right. Quite a ladylike behaviour. Then, who would cry for me when he starts really believing I'm a tramp. On the other hand, he never complaint about my sexual behaviour. And there was a chance that he likes the pictures and can use as inspiration in some lonely moment, to remember there is at least one girl in this world that would sure give everything to share some hard romancing - and everything in between, before and after.

Oh, how I wish I could fall asleep wasted on that adorable arms, and wake him up with a morning blowjob..!

Friday, November 2, 2012

From a distance

All Souls Day's eve. As always, part of the people of this city went to celebrate life  at the beach or countryside, other part is getting drunk at bars and discos, some prefered to go out to dinner and movies with dates , family or friends.
To me it's just another boring night by myself: everybody's sleeping already, as I struggle to finish another chapter of my novel. Tired of editing that pile of drafts and loose notes, I decide to take a moment of bliss by lighting up a cigarette and checking out my social networks. I can't help a smile to notice that even virtually, my social life sucks: nothing happening that it's worth to share, like or comment. My cigarette ending, I'm most likely to shut the computer and go to sleep, since there's nothing better to do...

"Whazzup, babe?" - he's asking me by the messenger, two seconds after my cigarette ends.
"Nothing. Just bored." - I answered, sincerely. But before sending the message, I erased that and wrote : "I'm watching some dirty porn".
"Good for you" - he answered. And as if he said nothing on the following  minutes, I teased: "Don't you wanna know what they are doing?"
"No." - he wrote. - "I'm more interest in what you might be doing when watching it..."
I leaned back and took a deep breathe. The big fish had bitten, and only knowing he was interested already made me aroused. Before I could notice, my hands were already caressing my breasts: I could feel it getting hotter and plump. I released them from the tight bra cups, and the cold night contrast made my nipples immediately harder.
"I'm touching myself". - I wrote. "Where?" - He asked.

My breasts. I wish you could suck it hard right now, I'd feed you as a baby while I close my eyes to enjoy the exploring movements of your hands in between my legs. My tiny little fingers are not comparative to yours, but a touch of my spicy imagination can bring you here to me.

"Go on..."

I can feel my panties getting wet. I can see the white lace get stained. I'll dip my finger in the deepest I wanted to feel yours and then suck it as a promise to what I´ll do to your hard hot cock. Tasting my pussy I crave for you to eat. Tell me more about your fantasies and desires. How bad you want to give me in the ass - a dirty bedtime story. I can't hold on anymore, I slowly slide my panties down my legs, feeling the lace softly brushing my skin.

"Ok, I have my panties off now..."

I spread my legs just to feel that pleasant expectation. There's something exciting in feeling totally vulnerable, as if you or anyone else could enter the room right now and violate me. My easy position as a moist invitation as I lead both hands to my cunt, rubbing it smoothly, letting my long nails touch my clit for a brief second. it's hard and swollen, waiting for your deep kiss I can only imagine now.

"I'd suck you so hard..!"

I threw my head back and opened my mouth a little, playing with my tongue on my lips as if I could taste your head, the moisted tip, a lustful treat. I close my eyes - I can really feel you here, your hand touching my face as I lick and suck you deep...

"Show me what you've got..."

I put a leg up to the armchair, the other one down, wide open. My tongue and lips still feast on your great dick as I feel my moisted pussy drooling, my clit pulsating, begging for being touched, the contractions are now involuntary and hard as spasms. I spreaded my cunt's lips with one hand while stroking it with the other. soft and fast as butterfly wings, as I let two fingers shallowly in and out. I feel the juice dripping to my asshole and moaned.
"You can sit on my lap."- and it was totally my fantasy begging for that. The image of him sitting on that very chair as I guided his cock straight to my ass played in my head as the hardcore porn movie I pretended to be watching. All filled up I was riding him while he squeezed my boobs with one hand and raped my pussy with the other, biting my neck and my ear, teasing me with dirty words and sexy purrs. I finger myself to the limit, and when I feel it coming, I shove one finger to my asshole. I 'm shaking, my tits are bouncing, one touch and I am to explode.

"Do you like it..?"

It was the memory of your voice that triggered that hurricane it in a way I couldn't avoid anymore. I had to cover my own mouth to suffocate a scream that my throat couldn't hold back. I was cumming and squirting and the feeling of the moist coming out only drove me even crazier. I had to bite my hands not to wake up the whole neighbourhood. About no less than ten seconds later, I felt like a mermaid hit by a transatlantic. And it took me a whole lot of minutes until my heartbeat was stabilized and I could open my eyes to read your most recent inbox message

"...are you still there?"

Yes, I am, my love. And, believe me, so were you.