Saturday, January 26, 2013

Three seconds of heaven

I slowly woke up from my dreams with his soft touch on my back. He took my hair off and kissed my shoulder, as I was giving him back, spooned by his warm body. I didn't open my eyes, but I smiled. The city outside was silent, as if never in a hurry. I felt him drawing a heart with his fingertip on my naked skin and rolled over to kiss him, with a mouth that still tasted a bit like the red wine that bathed us in a glorious lust on the night before.
 By the fireplace, over a fur carpet, we got high on every cliché of a hot romancing scene, in a way mainstream love movies would never show. He choked me, fucked me, tied and untied me. I pulled his hair, scratched his back, rode him like a cowgirl would tame her savage stud. He got me purring like a pussy when he spreaded my legs and stuck his tongue in mine. Moaning out loud, feeling his fingers inside me, I was still dealing with the aftershocks when he pulled me to my knees to suck his juicy cock. With my hands  I moved up and down on him while gently licking the head, then I´d hold him tight while letting my lips slip through all his crotch, enjoying the smell and taste of dirty sex we perform. I grabbed his hips to force him into my throat, and his moaning got louder and irresistible. "Watch me" - I asked in the moment I felt his dick pulsating and filling up. I was delighted with his facial expression, eyes wide open, pierced in mine as I swallowed that hot load of cum, not wasting a single drop.
I could feel myself getting wet in recalling those moments. He was softly pinching my nipples, tickling me gently, I was still with my eyes closed, kittenish and pretending I was still sleeping, but with a wide smile that ratted me. He giggled, and the childish sound jarred with the feeling of his cock getting hard against my humps.

It's three seconds for the apotheosis, but heaven lasts forever whenever he's on my skin.

Good morning!

Friday, January 25, 2013

The brighter side... to know we've been sharing enough time on this Earth knowing each other so today we can look at ourselves and really recognize we're growing old.

Speaking strictly for me, this is the brightest.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No porn here either


              "...I must confess that I was actually recalling when I had last seen my parents before that moment. My mom asked me to take care. My brother asked me to bring vodka.

                For I was going back home with a broken heart and no vodka. Still I had great times and was grateful and thankful for the happiest experience of my life by then. I had lived through extraordinary moments, I had met a bunch of extraordinary people in many ways. What a ride. I had never set feet over borders, and suddenly I felt like I was about to get back from a visit to outer space, a parallel dimension or so. I was sad for I was leaving, I was happy for the experience, I was missing my family so much and still I knew I'd miss some people so much...I started to feel anxious and in need of a cigarette.
               I didn't have any cigarettes. I surrendered my cigarettes to him, because I knew he hated the fact I smoke. So, I didn't have any cigarettes. That anxiety growing, and I have no idea why I just didn't go and bought a pack. I had money and time, but still I prefered to go straight to the smoking place and see if there someone would give me just one cigarette. But there was no one there. Instead of leaving, I stood there crying a bit.
              I had my eyes still red and full of tears when I saw her entering the smoking room. She was looking down, and soon I noticed she was crying. There was just the two of us there , and she seemeed to be my age or so. I asked her what was wrong. She said nothing was wrong, just that she was leaving to stay a long time living abroad, and though she was very happy and excited about going, she was also already missing her dear friends and family.
             I told her I was sharing her feelings but in a different way, for I was about to meet my family and friends, but it was very hard to leave some people behind. And when I finally remember asking her where was she going to, I was amazed to hear her say the name of my hometown.

              Just too much for a coincidence.

                 -The funniest part - I said, recalling the real reason I was there - Is that I was probably going to talk to you anyway because you were the only person to enter here, and I was going to ask you for a cigarette!
                 -The funniest part  would be if you had really done that, I'd have to tell you I don't have any either...-she searched her pockets.

                 We laughed and immediately became friends. We drove the flight attendants crazy to arrange us to change our seats, for we wanted to travel together. We talked a lot about people and ourselves, countries and cultural differences, love and distance. When we safely landed, I gave her my phone number and address and said, "if she got bored of staying at her host, she could come live at my place."
                 I actually said that almost as a joke, to mention one of the stories I told her about my trip. Because I actually knew a girl who barely met me, but invited me to stay with her. And at some point, I actually did it. And in fact, it brought a whole unexpected highlight to that journey.
                So, why not return the favour to the nation..? (insert cute smiley emoticon here)
               But I confess it was still a surprise when, about one or two months after, she called me and asked to come over. A great surprise in fact.
               To me it was great, some of the best time ever. She was instantly part of the family, and it was really a sister. All of us had a lot of fun, even her brother came to visit...and it was very hard to all of us when she had to leave.

             It was ten years ago...and now I wonder if they see each other, they'll know who each other are. I hope one of them will think of me and how much I´d love to be there."

(insert smiley emoticon here)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's a girl thing

             I keep wondering about how extraordinary different are the experiences we live either if we are born a guy or a girl. For ever since I know myself, I don't believe there are better gender, for both are incredible opportunities of feeling this world.
I am thankful for being born a girl. I always wanted to be a mom, to feel pregnant, to be completely linked to the moon by having my body responding with menstrual cycles that follows a calendar. In case you people never noticed, healthy women who are not on pills or having hormonal problems are more likely to have their periods when the moon is waning or new. Just observe, it愀 a fact. And it's wonderful.

               We are born to be strong, to defend our kids. To take care of the ones who provide us with physical strength, material support, in a very wide range of understandings. Of course this is a shallow, raw reading of the situation, but we're supposed to be evolved! We have feelings and finesse, we depend of each other's hearts, it works that way. We were supposed to develop practicity in our day by day tasks, so we could enjoy more of this wonderful feeling of nurturing a family, friends, ourselves. And this between males or females, as mothers, fathers, friends, sisters, lovers, husbands, wives and whatever kind of relationships we could have being human. Men needs more than a reproductor of their lineage, and women expects more than a guy who can bring food to the table - even because since there is a huge difference in the way we bring food to the table nowadays and in the Ice Age. It's not a "men's thing" anymore, since a lot of girls I know make more money than their boyfriends. Specially in a world  that pays for strategy. Girls know this shit...
                  I don't believe I'm a feminist: I'm lucky for being a female. I don't believe I'm a sexist, because I think men are so stupid in thinking women are here just for their pleasure, that I shall laugh on the situation more than I would get angry with it. It comes with being a man. And I also know that a lot of men are not really like this, but they can still laugh at the joke. I do. And I'm a woman. 
                  I am that kind of women that thinks it愀 absurd to judge a girl by her clothes. No, just because I like short skirts and deep necklines shouldn't mean I惴 a slut. It just means that it get easier to sluts to sell what they're offering, but to presume I'm offering it's bit like to presume I惴 offering my car just because I惴 driving it on streets. To me, at least, seems like that.
And no, that doesn't mean I go around looking like "Pretty Woman". But I don't see how liking to dress up may condemn my character as a person. And I guess it should be even less wrong if you have a guy by your side. I was so bummed because when I got married, my husband would never let me wear "indecent" clothes. I never worn a deep neckline again. I could do it and I would be happy to respect that if he didn't notice every other girl wearing slutty clothes. I mean what the fuck, if he likes it, why can't I wear it? Of course I wouldn't dress up like that to take our baby to the park, but when going out to dance, drink and party, where nobody needs to know I'm a "family mom".


                    And I'm a sexual girl. I think it's one of the best things about being human. It's my nature not to fuck around, I am not addicted to casual sex, in fact I always wanted to keep sex somewhat special. I only fuck when I'm really in the mood or the other is really appealing. It's just my way of enjoying it, I don't judge anyone's character because one fucks a lot. I would probably do the same if I wasn't bit weird, and I don't think it's weirder than some sexual fantasies that all of us have. If I was a prostitute that choose my partners, I'd be considered a luxury escort. I'm just a woman who likes to choose my lovers, maybe because I'm sexually selfish (smiley here). The fact I might be aware of being just one of many doesn't mean I would take anyone of so many to be with me. 

                       Ain't I a bitch?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't drink and blog

Jäger #1Today I drove past some place that brings me good memories. And remembering one story made me remind on another, and than someone who was also in another episode...It was like I was reading the pages of the past for the first time. Well, I see no better way to describe it.
I realized once more how wonderful my life is, and how many extraordinary people I've met through all these years. Few have stayed, and with each one of them I share at least one wonderful story from a moment that we will never forget. Even when sometimes we had forgotten about each other, we both will have lively  memories of that same moment forever. And this bonds me to a lot of amazing characters that some I have the honour to call dear friends. And then suddenly I understand why they say that real friends are the ones you may totally rely on. And I understand why they are rare and precious.
I was also privileged in getting to know the most interesting people I could wish for on this Earth. Jäger#2 And I mean that because I made contact to a lot of people from different countries by then and thanks to the Internet and the incredible grownth of social media, I also have very special people living pretty fucking far away, but I wonder how estranged we could have been if we depended on snail mail. I'm blessed to be born in this age...
I've been in so many places, so many situations when I was all the time thinking: "Oh, boy, is this really happening..?". It did, and maybe you were there. You know it rocked. You know we'll never get tired telling that story again and again. I treasure this kind of people in my life, really.
I met a lot of people Jäger#3 who are not worth a cold cheese pizza, too, but even them always seemed to be interesting people. And really, I never gave too much of a fuck to the people who dislike me. I have developed the anti-bullying mechanism of not giving a shit at all. I'm not normal, I'm not changing, but who cares if the best people I know are all a little bit weird themselves?
I feel tempted in giving some examples of what I really think about some interesting people I've met, but I guess I'd loose some friends... (smiley emoticon goes here). But since few of you know each other, I bet 100e that all of you will agree that the other has its uniques. And for better or worse, "it's better to be ridiculous than absolutely boring".-said Marilyn Monroe.Jäger#4 And she was the funniest diva ever.

 I could write a book about my life, I just don't know if it is really this interesting or I just think so because it's made of really funny people. I can't play any part of it, but I can tell the stories. I was never the cuttest, the smartest and sure not the richer. Nor the poorer, either. I've always been the shortest, though...
Well the stories are written, anyway. Registered for my time capsule. I am leaving nothing from me to this world, but if someone can read about my life, the best part of me will prevail forever (insert another smiley emoticon here).

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bonus track

For those whom it may concern (if there is anyone), the last post, "Sex Drive",has a prologue. I ripped it off when I posted it because, truly, I don't believe anyone would wonder how and why in the world I was driving a cab. Since it's just porn fiction, this shouldn't matter, but when I was writing it seemed pretty important to justify. Maybe because it seemed just too implausible to myself. So I had to "warm up", "rehearse", "get into the character"...whatever. Anyway, I wrote, so I'm posting.

Deal with it.

Sex Drive - Prologue

It was about 11 p.m already, when my phone rang. I wasn't sleeping, though. In fact I was pretty much dressed to go out, but couldn't find company, so I gave up.
On the other side of the call, there were a friend of mine who works as a cab driver and was about to become a dad for the fifth time, so I took it immediately:

-So, is it a boy or a girl? - I cheerfully said, instead of "hello".
- We actually don't know yet! - he answered, his voice sounding worried. I could hear his wife's moanings beside him. - Samantha's water just broke and I had to take her to the hospital.
-Is everything okay?
-Oh, yes, she's doing really fine. You know she's got some experience, it's me who always get desperate because we man can't do much to help. - he even laughed for a second. - But I'll need a favour of yours, right now.
-Sure, what?
-Well, a second before all this happen I committed myself to pick up a very special client. Can you do this for me?

- Me? Why me?
- He's a very special client. - My friend insisted.
-But I...
-Listen! - his wife's laments went louder and his voice got shaky - If I'm asking this for you it's because I am sure you're the only one I can trust for it. This client is very important and I can't miss him. Of course you can have the fare, I just don't want to let him down, so I need you to pick him up at the Plaza in about one hour. Nothing much, just drive.
-...will I get in any trouble? - I suspected.- Is this a kind of real life GTA?
He laughed again.
-Hell, no! There is nothing illegal involved. I promise. So...will you?
-Great! Thank you very much! - he seemed really relieved. - A co-worker will pick you up at you place in about ten minutes and drive you to where my cab is. When you're done with the client, you can go home, I´ll pick up the cab tomorrow. Thank you! - he thanked again before hanging up the phone.

And I was only imagining what kind of "special" adventure I had just signed in for.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sex drive

Less than five minutes after the call, I was pulling over at the front of the venue. The guy entered my cab with the girl, they were both dressed as if arriving from a very luxury event. They were obviously pretty drunk and the girl was still holding a bottle of an expensive champagne, but the handsome mister didn't allow her to get inside before finishing drinking. " You are not spilling drink on this beautiful lady's car" - he said, blinking one eye to me, before throwing off the emptied bottle. The girl was already kissing his neck and face all over.

"Where to?" - I asked. "Just drive." - he answered. She had her hand inside his pants, and I thought better to look straight ahead. I put the car on the move, the guy pulled up the girl's blouse and shamelessly started sucking her breasts. Her drunken giggling was distracting me. Good thing nobody asked for an specific direction, for really, I didn't know where I was driving to.

He unzipped his pants at once, bringing that hard cock out. Of course I was watching through the rearview mirror. He shut the bitch's giggles with his dick, and grabbed her head up and down by her hair, pulling his head back and moaning. I had no idea what do do. "Keep driving, Hamalka. Eyes on the road." - I told myself mentally.

-Excuse me, should I continue in this neighbourhood or take the avenue..? - I dared to ask, trying not to notice he was taking off the girls panties and practically fisting her pussy.
-I want to see the bright lights of the city! - the girl laughed.
-You heard the madam. Take the avenue. - He smiled a sexy smile, faced me through the mirror, sucking his fingers and dipping on her again.

She climbed to his lap on the very moment we entered the big avenue. My car has transparent windows and I wondered if people outside could see as clearly as me how the girl was being merciless impaled straight in the ass. I could hear the loud snaps of him sucking her nipples, the wet kisses and the clapping of her big round butt to his balls.

Driving in a straight line, I was all the time checking the action. Damn, if they were shameless enough to fuck in my cab, I would watch. I noticed than he was staring at me through the mirror and giving a perverted smile. He moved his lips slowly and silently for me to read  "you dirty girl". I felt my panties soaked. I couldn't distract, I couldn't react, I gotta keep driving when what I really wanted was to have my cunt sucked as hard as I guessed he was fingering hers.

A police car drove by us. Two guys in a morotcycle stood beside my cab at the red light. They both noticed what was happening and stared openly. "Noite boa, hein, tia?" - one of them screamed to me when the light turned green. "What a great night, huh?". Yeah. For the happy fucking couple, sure. I was having the driving test of my lifetime.
He slapped the girl's butts and she took her ass out of his dick, swallowing it whole. "Swallow it all, don't spill your drink at the madam's cab..." - he said, blinking to me again. "She is doing her job well, and so are you..." 

He stopped talking and started moaning some dirty words. Few seconds later, he came on her mouth. I could guess by his loud mumbling and then that relieved deep sigh. The girl sit back, putting her panties on again. I offered her a box of Kleenex. "Thank you", she smiled with that typical dumb blonde voice, but a cute smile, little bit glossy of his cum, with ruined red lipstick all over her mouth.
-Timbira street, 3428. Please. - He kindly finally gave me a direction to follow. We were close and I dropped them there in a matter of minutes. Then, drove back home where my Mr. had his dreams interrupted by my lips around his cock.

I drove all night, now I would drive him crazy.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Shaking off some dust

I won't pretend that the year already begun with great news or great changes. In fact, these have been pretty boring times. Nothing is happening, not that I expected it would. I wish. But I truly learnt that there is a season for everything. And to rush up things - of any kind and concerning any business - will most likely get one into a shitty situation than solving anything. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt: a black one with "sucker" written on it with capital letters. So, patience, working and massive dosis of Grand Theft Auto have been keeping my sanity and my tiny ass far from trouble.

I kinda made a promise that I would post here everyday this year...But as you can see, I failed miserably. Lack of time, and whenever I find time I waste it by writing erotic tales. And the reason why you're not reading it is because I've been doing old style, with paper and pen. To me it's amazing how the story gets even more tasty when I have to draw every letter to describe each movement. Yeah, call me a perv, and this will be no news. At least not for you readers. My grandma would be pretty much shocked if she ever stumble upon this blog. Though I guess I would be even more if I knew she browses for porn literature in english.

So, granny, if you're reading this, please do not tell mom. It will keep us both from a lot of embarassment.