Monday, February 6, 2017

Dream Cam

Again I can't count the days since I last had my body cumming below or above someone else's. And last year was so busy that I didn't even have too much time to notice how much I was missing it.
Only after 2016 was finally past and I could rest for a few days in January, I started feeling 'back to life'. The peceful days on the coast exhausted my body, cleared my mind and made me healthier and hornier.

I open the social media page. I intend to send you a message.

"Hi. I've been thinking about you."

I'm thinking about how you look hot when fucking. The way your smiley, almost shy eyes get serious and intimidating. A solemn expression to your angel face shows that devil's taking control.
I've been thinking about your hands violently grabbing my boobs out of my cleavage, as if we didn't care for romance. Been thinking about your mouth sucking my nipples hard enough to make them sore while I deliciously feel my pussy being flooded with the juice of my craving for your fuck. Yeah, I've been thinking about you and how good you could pound my cunt right now.

Instead of typing the message, my fingers slid through my puffy pussy lips. I am so moist that it feels like I had already cummed a dozen times today. I want you to see that. I turn on the web camera. You're not online. On screen, only my mirrored image. The scene you should be watching. I pull down my panties, open my legs wide and expose my throbbing clit, being careful to hold still and close enough to the lenses, so you could see it growing red and bigger, as my thight holes are pulsating for some action. 

One drop of juice leaks out of my sobbing pussy, running down to my butthole. With one finger I rub the moist over my tiny hole.  I moan, because it feels so good. Another finger reaches inside. And comes out. Then back in. I get wetter and wetter: My pussy is begging to be touched, but I won't do it. Not now. My little fingers goes deep inside me, one by one. Just to tease. Almost torture.

I close my eyes to see you in between my legs, my hands tied up on my back while yours would explore my body. I feel the tip of your tongue working my clit and dream the finger stuck on my butt would be your dick actually, but I've decided these tiny fingers were not up to your hard meat, which I desperatedly need to have stuck into me. In my head, you blow me good while fingering both my holes. On the screen, I was just like any naughty slut shoving a sex toy to her pussy.

Totally shaved, I was rubbing a 40 centimeters dildo through my pussy lips, sliding it right in between them. If it feels this good in hard plastic or silicon, what to say about the real deal: a true cock, hard and proud, I was anxious to lick with my drooling cunt. The plastic toy had me guessing how deep you could bury your hard-on down my throat.

And all was getting registered: the slow fingering, the energetic rubbing, the sensual moves and the naughty 'menĂ¡ge a moi'. On my knees, I hold the dildo between my feet and turn my back to the camera, looking for the best angle to be fucked from behind. Sitting hard on your imaginary cock, spreading my buttcheeks so you could worship the moment your boner goes all inside my ass as you slap my pussy.

Sweaty and panting and overly excited, I turn around and expose my breasts, tiny nipples so hard and sensitive it hurts. All my life I had locked myself in private to masturbate, but tonight it's an online show, cast to distant grounds in order to thrill an audience of one. And I was definitely feeling like a fuckstar.

An squirting orgasm exhausted my strength and expelled the dildo from inside me, along with a tidal wave of cum. Must confess I am almost proud I got that on film. The most impressive climax of my life. What a waste, I wish I was the one to squirt all over your face, for a change...

I turned the camera off and uploaded the video to send rightaway, without thinking much. Along, just a quick message to demonstrate my total honesty about such boldness:

"I miss you."

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Keep cumming back...

Just one of these nights I start questioning myself if I'm a weirdo for not realy willing to call anyone out for a drink wherever. It's sunday evening and I'm home alone on a typical summer night.
Spent all day by the pool, testing mixes with all sorts of colorful tropical fruit and a fine vodka.  The hot weather was asking for some topless time. When the sun set, I could still feel its heat on my engoldened tanned skin.

One last shower before I can dress the white nightgown for a contrast. The fresh water comes down my body, and I can feel it in places I'd like to feel your touching. A physical memory that gives me shivers and hit me with a warm wave from inside.

The window is open, the moon is almost full. I can see only the shadows of the palmtrees on the front yard. With the lights out, no one can see me either. Hot as the weather that night, but even wetter, I let my fingers tease my pussy, wishing it were your hands to explore me.

It's not merely a fantasy, but the memories of the actual feelings what turns me on.  From the first time I could never forget how your skin feels like against mine. Your smell, your looks and moves, daaaaamn, for some reason no one had never turned me on the way you do : not before, nor after. But nobody's watching, so I'm the addicted bitch.  I dream of you feeding me with your rock hard cock as deep as you can reach as your tongue plays between my legs. Not even the coldest shower would cool me down by now.

How I love to ride you..! To see my pussy swallowing all your cock makes it wetter as deeper as it gets. I'll put my ass up to you and wait to be strongely grabbed from behind. And while you banged me in my immagination, I came so hard I'm sure I'd make you cum too, with the crazy shockwave that hit me again, with the memory of having you filling me up with a hot load..! 

I closed the shower. My legs were shaking and I had to wait a moment before walking to the room. But writing this all  made me feel all horny again. It's late o'clock and there's no hurry to sleep: I'm on vacations....