Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mirror, mirror...

Nah, I didn't quit.

I guess this lack of sex is driving me sexless. Or maybe is the business and boredom of my life that made me depressed. I am truly experiencing a lack of libido, and I never thought it would be possible. Of course it's not like I wasn't in the mood when everything was set: it's just that I haven't been thinking about sex at all.
And this means I didn't have anything interesting to write here all this time, since I have a hunch the readers of this blog are not really in for my literary skills. I can't really say they are in for my sex life either, since I don't have any. In the end, we're all a bunch of jerk-offs fantasizing about something we don't have.

I'm probably going through a more romantic - melancholic stage, and I don't feel like mixing up stuff here and start to open too much of my feelings. I am pretty conscious of how great is to feel in love and how love makes us feel like shouting out our love to the world. But I also know how boring and useless it all sounds to everyone else in the world: even another couples. So, if you don't turn this declaration into something useful, that can inspire another couples - a song, a book, a porn movie - you can keep  it to yourself and -hopefully - the people you're in love with. Besides you guys, no one cares about how you feel about each other.

I love him to life, not secret, nor news. And it's exactly because I love him that I wanted him to be all over me right now.

I dunno if I wrote about this already, but I never had Mr. Red in a room full of mirrors. In fact, not even one decent mirror where I could observe us fucking. Yeah, I am a bit of a voyeur, specially when I'm being banged by someone that sexy. I wanna take a good look at how his huge cock looks while getting deep buried inside my ass. I want a different angle for when he grabs my tits with one hand and finger fucks me with the other, heavy breathing on my neck.

 I wanna see how great he looks on me. And how I will look with his cum all over my face.

(of course it's Google Images)

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