Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Some sun

Sunlight, new morning
The city that didnt sleep is now so silent 'cause
It's Sunday we don't have to be awake so early, We're allowed
to take a break for all the day and night, until the second light
Because, you know, it's Sunday
And we've been away from home 
For a long time,but once this tour is done

We're gonna be again, each other's arms again

I wanna hold your hand all summer and whenever seasons change
I'll share your story until the happy end
Forever by your side, whatever mood or tide
we're gonna fight together
You're the one to heal in me
The open wounds that only I can see

Please never leave my life before I can get a chance to show who I am
Before you learn you might regret it too late
Before I'm sure it wasn't but a waste of time
To break the ice on you I tried...

I tried to live on the edge of sanity
I wasn't sure if you would be there for me
I walked paths one would never want to be
But I was rescued from hell by my own will.

All the lyrics are there if you type to the song
It's cliché to say so, but your heart can't be wrong
Let's ride at the speed of sound through the highways of higher ground

The faster the closer we get to the stars
The faster the closer we get:
We get to live, we get to learn
We grown, we throw our life away
We get the fire, we get the burn
We die to live another day.

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