Sunday, August 21, 2016


She woke up after the long sleep that might had last a couple of days. She couldn't be precise, though.  Gave up trying. The weak sunlight through the windows could be of a sun rising or setting. She didn't have the slightest idea what day of the week it was. Lately, all days seemed pretty much the same.
The doctors said she was growing healthier everyday. "Bullshit" - she thought. They couldn't know that inside, her heart was still bleeding.

She tried once more to push the memories away, but happened that they would only come back stronger. The incredible excitement about having him near again after so long. He was coming at last. Coming for her. Her every day and night before his arrival was about preparatives to have everything perfectly set by the time he would step on her homeland again. She could already guess his shining eyes, his childlike smile, and this thought immediaely brought her an actual sensation of his warm embrace.

But reality was proven painfully different.

He didn't want her to meet him at the arrival. They met later at a crowded shopping mall, where he was in company of a friend that came along with him for the trip.

"Who brings a friend along for a romantic trip?" - her sister made notice. She had to ask her siste to take her to the mall in her car, because herself was too nervous to drive. And as she witnessed their cold first reunion, she decided to stay.

Her eyes welled up in tears as she struggled not to remember the rest of what was supposed to be a dream date. It was all blurry afterall. But she would hardly forget the much she cried when he didn't want to go with her, not invited her to stay with him. Even his friend, although a nice guy, didn't interfere not even when she humiliatingly tried to explain how long she waited to have time with him again. At some point, the two men sneaked out to the elevator and got lost from her. She was openly crying among the crowd of unknown people in the elevator, trying desperately to guess the floor they were, when her sister found her and grabbed her back to the cruel reality.

"Let's go. There's nothing left for you here." - she said and the truth of her words were deadly for her sister's will.

She was taken in silence to a hotel. Her sister wanted to make sure she would have enough comfort and distraction while digesting those bitter happenings of the morning. When her sister was gone, with the promise of picking her up by night, she expected to break up, but it didn't happen. She couldn't even cry. Took a wine from the mini bar to see if it would make her all emotional again, but no. So she stopped before getting drunk.

She needed to be sober. She needed to be real. She needed to know it was over. Once and for all.

Night was falling, and she knew she would be free by the next time her eyes would open for a new morning.

Boy, she was wrong.

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