Monday, February 25, 2013

Special treat

I emerged from the bathroom surrounded by a warm flower scented cloud, and he was sitting at the desk, using the Internet. I noticed he immediately closed a browser window when he noticed I was in the room.

-Yeah, you can stop watching porn, I'm all yours, now! - I made some fun of him.
-I wasn't watching any porn. - He answered.
-Yeah, right! - I walked to him and grabbed his cock that wasn't exactly soft.- Apparently you were browsing cooking websites, perhaps... - I smiled and sit on his lap, one leg on each side, I was wearing nothing but that black towel I was wrapped on.
We kissed, I felt soaked.

-What were you watching? - I asked.
-I wasn't watching any porn. - He insisted.
-Come on...share with me your perversions...
-I will, at some point.
-What do you have in mind?
-Probably the same you have...- He said while slowly penetrated me with a long finger, making me even wetter.

I opened the minimized porn browser, there was the opening page with a lot of video suggestions.
-  "Which one were you watching?" - I asked.
-I hadn't chosen yet, as you can see, I had just opened the browser, so...pick something.

So I played a video with two girls tribbing. I thought he would like to see that. I have this impression men might enjoy the view of two pussies rubbing against each other, with their clits getting harder and the lips getting wetter. I mean, it's exciting even to me. It's one of the best things a girl can do to another girl when having sex. Whenever she has a soft hair or a brazilian wax. It's almost as good as sliding my really wet pussy on his dick, up and down, just licking it, without getting it inside...

-Have you ever done that?
-Yeah, but not the way I'd really like to.
-How would that be?
-With your cock in my ass...

He covered my lips on a deep wet kiss. I unzipped his pants and freed his urging erection guiding it straight to my dripping pussy. He didn't bother to undress more than that to fuck me all naked, after he tossed away the only towel I was wearing.
One of the girls in the movie was now sucking the other's breasts. I asked him to suck mine. Hard until I feel my nipples soar. Breasts are the best part of a women, I think. To embrace a girl and feel her breasts, aswell as sucking it, ot feeling that tits against my belly while getting licked... Even I that am not a lesbian know how sexy and teasing it is.
By that moment I was the one getting my nipples sucked. And sitting cock deep in his lap. He was grabbing my ass wide open, teasing me with his moist fingertips.

We both came together, before the tribbing lesbians on the screen. He filled up my pussy while I felt it contracting against his cock, and making the orgasm uncontrollably delicious. I was cumming on his cumming dick, with him tickling my asshole.

We ended up and stayed there, hugged, wasted on each other's arms for a while, recovering from the explosion of senses we just experienced. After few minutes just enjoying the sounds of heavy breathing and his cooling down heartbeat, someone knocked at the door.

-Who can it be now..?- I asked. He jumped from the chair, closed the internet browser and throwed me back my towel as he zipped his fly back.
-It's room service. I ordered it.

I stayed back in the room while he received the dinner cart with cheesebacons, french fries, cider and strawberries for dessert. Along with two wonderful roses, one red, one white. And a card that said : "Happy Anniversary".

-I just knew this hotel makes this kind of special treats and you can order straight from the internet, so I wanted to take the opportunity and try, but you got back from the shower too fast. - he explained - that's what you saw me closing the browser.

-But the porn site was also opened! - I noticed.
-Yeah, just in case you took too long to get off the bathroom...

I smiled. We raised our glasses.
Tonight, we celebrate.

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