Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Miss Taken

I've been losing a lot of friends lately. Or in fact, I haven't been losing anything, only realizing some people were not actually my friends, as I thought so, sometimes for so long.

Yeah, I wrote this before in this very blog, how much it's disappointing to me to notice some of the guys I really had as friends were actually just "waiting in line" to make a move on me. What I could even take as flattering, actually, if they didn't get angry or pushy when at some point I feel forced to make clear that nothing is going to happen - in a very harsh way.

And the weirdest part is that no one of these guys I'm referring to, are the ones who openly comes to me with a direct line like, when I ask "what are your plans for the weekend?" and he answers "Sex with you!". Nah. To those, I usually fight back with a "Go dreaming!", we both laugh, and sometimes meet for a beer or sushi, great conversation and that's all.

On the other hand, there are those guys that had never showed any interest, whom I really though were pretty much only my friends. Good friends, in fact. Ones who would go out shopping with me. Who would discuss movies, philosophy or sports with me for hours. Then, at some point, out of nothing, the guy comes with a pick up line. After being sure he's not joking, then I kindly - very kindly, as it's always so delicate in situations like this - try to explain it's not going to happen.  What is also hard to me, because these guys usually already know I'm taken, so I never expect this... And they go out swearing on me, threatening me the most ridiculous ways like "Don't you forget there are nicer girls around...thinner and, most of all, younger!". This one I got just last week.

What can I do but laugh and be grateful for "ruining my chances" with these kind of guys...?

Really: Am I too stupid, too naive, or just a real unconscious bitch?

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