Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wet Threat

I opened my eyes at once. Was I late? Not a sound from outside, it seemed it was still dark. I searched for my cell phone: 4:35 a.m. Closed my eyes, but I was wide awake.

Just because, I started to rescue the dream I was into, moments before. I don't remember where I was, or what I was doing. But I was with him, for sure. I could feel his presence still, hear the sound of his laugh. One innocent moment, than suddenly turned into some hot action. I was laid upon him, sucking him deep while feeling his tongue and fingers inside me. I smiled at the way he curls his toes as his cock gets filled, moaning higher, closer to explosion. In moments like this, his movements on me slow down a bit, and then is when I may expect a furious attack in following.

He was practically fisting me, slapping and biting my buttcheeks while I was choking myself on his dick, drooling all over his hips and rising mine as if taming a wild animal to fuck me. We were measuring forces, he is bigger, but I was taken by a hunger that could shoot a missile.  He locked me up under his body, and would go in dry, if I wasn't already dripping wet. 

He screamed when I trapped his cock inside my pussy. Even slippery as I was, I could still hold him firmly.  One of my hands got free to grab his crotch while he struggled to go out and in again. We were both panting. He pulled my hair back, savagely kissing my neck. I pressed my hips against him. "Give me all your load...Flood my brains with your hot cum..." I was talking more nonsense than actually dirty talking by the time I felt the head of his dick pulsating feverish inside me, and reached a firework-worthy orgasm at the same time than him. Needless to say I couldn't keep a single drop inside me: his cum and my juice flowed freely all down my legs, staining the sheets.

And only then I noticed I was still in my bed, and that wet sensation was only mine. Got up with a smile for the morning toiletry, while my tablet computer was initializing for me to check the appointments for today. A message alarm beeped:

-"Btw, you have no idea how hard you're going to get fucked..."

Bring it hot, baby, for I'm already on fire...

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