Sunday, September 30, 2012

Unveiling fantasies

Masturbation. It's one of the favourite subjects among guys. Even at work I eventually hear jokes about wanking. Not counting the popular references: like when a band or a musician is too much of a virtuosis, so it's "wanking". If someone is left behind on something (especially in getting a girl), he's  "only wanking". and so on. And girls do use these references too: but always concerning guys.
Girls don't talk about masturbation. They don't make jokes about masturbation. Among girls, the hotter and spicier reference we would make to our sexual hunger is "to get wet". We can get wet and we can desire a guy sexually, we can even tell our friends we'd fuck and suck him, but I never ever heard a single female friend admit she'd finger herself for some guy. And I don't mean making a webcam spectacle of it, I mean pure, simple, intimate masturbation. Come on, there might be nothing wrong about it. If it does, then there is something very wrong with me, for I do masturbate a lot. Yes, I have a "dirty mind", yes, I think about sex quite a lot, yes, I have great inspiration for this. and it's obvious that writting about it makes me willing for some relief. Besides, verbal sex is the only modality I've been practicing lately, writing my thoughts or teasing my muse.
Fact is that, as every sexually active people I know , I have a few "fetishes" that I know I will never make real.Even if I had the chance, I wouldn't because I know the "real deal" would never be as comfortable as fantasy.
Like girls, for exemple. I always thought I was bit bissexual, because some girls get me aroused. I can appreciate the sexual appeal of a women's body, I can see a sexy girl and have a thought further the regular "she's pretty". Actually some girls do inspire me naughty thoughts, but I learnt from the experience that actual sex with girls is nothing that satisfies me. I liked to go to whorehouses when I was younger. I dunno why, I already had this strange fascination for sex and girls whose life was all about that. Of course I kept a glamourous vision of this, as if none of that girls were there to have money to feed her kids, to buy medicines for a sick mother or as if all their clients were always desirable, rich and polite guys. "My" prostitutes were all in for the fun, like the Girls of The Playboy Mansion. Though I knew reality cuts deeper.

Sex in public. Another thing that always got a hold on me. I remember a porn I used to like where a couple was playing pool, and at some point they started making out on the table, in the middle of the bar. It was full of people around, some made some comments and stuff, but mainly nobody even seem to care. Ah, only in movies, indeed. First, because probably if a girl submits to a scene like this, she's most likely to end up gangbanged by ten other guys who'd interfere. Second, because I would probably not feel confortable with people staring - and I bet in real life they would stare. And worse: someone might document and spread that. And I do like to be a respectable woman. I need to. I'm a mother, afterall. You might forget this when reading my stuff, but I never do...

When I started my sexual life, I never thought I'd like bondage. I got interested in handcuffs when I got a pair from my friend who owned a sex shop for girls. But fact is that I never got a chance to use it properly, and ended up giving it as a gift to another girl who I knew would had better fun of it.

Now I'm thinking in buying a new pair. Who knows, a whole world of new sensations is yet to come...

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