Thursday, February 21, 2013

I remember you

"I've been missing you."

Slowly I approached him, lifting my head in asking for a kiss. Felt his lips covering mine, his tongue inside my mouth and was thrilled in feeling that desired taste again. Asking myself inside how could I stay so long without that touch, without his heat. For so long I let depression of life take over my passionated soul to the point all that is sinful and endearing had completely vanished from my thoughts, making me numb to my own hopes and dreams. Now I can feel his skin against mine I wake up to the whole new world his presence unveils.
 His hands hold me tighter, as if cell by cell the lust was taking over me. I let him undress my body as please, mesmerized by his own physical reactions: his face turns redder, his heart beats faster, his breathing becoming heavier: I know he's loosing control, but still tries to keep it romantic and smooth. Naked on his arms he laid me down, covered me with kisses that ended deep in between my legs. flashing me eventually with his big shining eyes. Like a goddess, it was divine.


 He was drinking from my chalice, as thirsty as I expected him to be after the desert of the time. I felt the moist running down from my pussy to my asshole as he pressed his whole face against me. His fingers begun to work, I moaned.


The sound of my voice and the wet noise of his movements were driving me to clĂ­max. I wouldn't hold it back, I relaxed and let my body cum with a deep loud sigh. He was sucking my cunt so hard, but I could still feel the juice flowing. When my body relaxed, before I could make any move, he climbed up on me,on his knees, locking me between his legs. His cock was hard, huge, pulsating, juicy, tasty and the smell of his skin was irresistible. I took him on my hands and to my mouth, slowly at first, looking up to see him closing his eyes and leaning his head back, groaning. Licking, sucking and banging that delicious dick against my face, it already tasted a bit like the cum he would feed me of. Sensually moving my tongue all the way between his legs, caressing his crotch with my long nails, making a huge effort not to scratch him: the amazing orgasm I just had only made me even more aroused. I was feeling, he was filling, and suddenly he tumbled upon me, shoving that hard stick all way deep into my throat.

I started to fight to free myself, he only choked me deeper. I was wildly out of control, I wanted to be fucked hard, but apparently he didn't have enough of that naughty blowjob yet. We started measuring forces, he slapped me and I got up at once,grabbed him by his hair and got to - or he allowed me to - knock him down. I jumped on his cock and was riding him wildly as he squeezed my tits. Shut up his moanings with a kiss, he answered by hitting my ass. Hardly, until it was burning red. 

"Fuck me. I want to feel your cock up ripping me off."
" I´ll make you scream until your ass is dripping with my cum"

He throwed me aside and grabbed my hips, spreading my butt and spitting on my asshole. One finger went in and out before he dive his whole meat inside me, until I could feel his hips banging against my ass, his balls hitting my clit. I screamed , and he grabbed my hair, pulling it back. 

"Look at me."

There was a mirror on the wall, and i could see we both matching like animals. He was sweaty and sexy, the glowing wet skin, the loose hair, he looked sexy as devil and he knew it. Put my leg up to watch his big cock penetrating me, slapped my pussy and pierced me with his eyes through the mirror view. My breasts bouncing so much it hurt, I was immerse in pure delight. He pulled his stick out of me, I rolled over, spreading my legs up, wide open His cum came on squirts, to my face, my neck, my boobs, dripping onto my pussy as I rubbed my clit with that scented moist. He let his body softly land beside mine, and I kissed him , feeling his whole body shaking in aftershocks.

I would do this every morning. Every night. Anytime for the rest of my life.

I love you.

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