Saturday, January 26, 2013

Three seconds of heaven

I slowly woke up from my dreams with his soft touch on my back. He took my hair off and kissed my shoulder, as I was giving him back, spooned by his warm body. I didn't open my eyes, but I smiled. The city outside was silent, as if never in a hurry. I felt him drawing a heart with his fingertip on my naked skin and rolled over to kiss him, with a mouth that still tasted a bit like the red wine that bathed us in a glorious lust on the night before.
 By the fireplace, over a fur carpet, we got high on every cliché of a hot romancing scene, in a way mainstream love movies would never show. He choked me, fucked me, tied and untied me. I pulled his hair, scratched his back, rode him like a cowgirl would tame her savage stud. He got me purring like a pussy when he spreaded my legs and stuck his tongue in mine. Moaning out loud, feeling his fingers inside me, I was still dealing with the aftershocks when he pulled me to my knees to suck his juicy cock. With my hands  I moved up and down on him while gently licking the head, then I´d hold him tight while letting my lips slip through all his crotch, enjoying the smell and taste of dirty sex we perform. I grabbed his hips to force him into my throat, and his moaning got louder and irresistible. "Watch me" - I asked in the moment I felt his dick pulsating and filling up. I was delighted with his facial expression, eyes wide open, pierced in mine as I swallowed that hot load of cum, not wasting a single drop.
I could feel myself getting wet in recalling those moments. He was softly pinching my nipples, tickling me gently, I was still with my eyes closed, kittenish and pretending I was still sleeping, but with a wide smile that ratted me. He giggled, and the childish sound jarred with the feeling of his cock getting hard against my humps.

It's three seconds for the apotheosis, but heaven lasts forever whenever he's on my skin.

Good morning!

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