Friday, May 24, 2013

Being negative

It's not fair, you know..?

Then I got my heart full of hopes, so sure that from now on, things would get better to best. And then, this.

Right now I don't even figure what comes in next. Should I stay or should I go. Who knows? Me; I was supposed to know that kind of stuff. Supposed to.
I see that people who were my brothers in arms on these late times crisis are now moving on with their lives, while I seemed to be moving far up forward to them, and now I was just left behind. Last year by now I had this feeling that life had stood still for a decade and the past eight years or so didn't even exist. But right now I actually feel that it was the past year that didn't exist. As if again, once more, I had to face pretty much the same situation, and all the fear that comes with it.

Yeah, I know: you're understanding shit of what I'm saying.That's what happens when I just come here to tell you guys what I masturbated to the last night, instead of opening my heart and confessing the funky situations that my overwhelming feelings usually drives me into. If you bothered reading at least two or three non-porn posts, though, you probably already know the situation: nobody loves me, nobody cares,maybe I'll go eat worms.

Or maybe I'll just become a superbitch and give away at once, what I have been so lovefully saving.

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