Wednesday, May 22, 2013


You know what? It's not fair to stop writing on this blog just because I don't feel like talking about fucking, or for how long I haven't been fucked, or how I have lately had wet nightmares.

We all know wet dreams, but what about wet nightmares, am I the only person who have them? I think there are different kinds of wet nightmares. Most of mine involves great sex, but ending up in terrible situations. It happens sometimes, when I'm stressed out or something. And I wake up with this mixed feelings between depression and desire, that usually ends up fucking the hell out of my mind for the day, especially if I'm already in a bad mood or PMS.

Again, I had to quit my old life to put things in order to start over again. First thing I left, of course, what that shiny little office. I'd say the best job I've ever had - the only disadvantage was the office, the dress code, the corporatives...but, oh well, we can't have it all...can we?

Again, I look back and notice the strange connection of the happenings. Here we go, once more, I can feel it. If I had planned, set dates and schedules, it would never happen, I am pretty sure. The two lessons I was taught right from the beggining, and I must learn: "Things happen the way they are supposed to", but "It's up to me to take the chance".

Remember, you guys: the boat of happiness can come floating over your way, but you still might choose not to step in.

Believe me, some do.

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