Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sex drive

Less than five minutes after the call, I was pulling over at the front of the venue. The guy entered my cab with the girl, they were both dressed as if arriving from a very luxury event. They were obviously pretty drunk and the girl was still holding a bottle of an expensive champagne, but the handsome mister didn't allow her to get inside before finishing drinking. " You are not spilling drink on this beautiful lady's car" - he said, blinking one eye to me, before throwing off the emptied bottle. The girl was already kissing his neck and face all over.

"Where to?" - I asked. "Just drive." - he answered. She had her hand inside his pants, and I thought better to look straight ahead. I put the car on the move, the guy pulled up the girl's blouse and shamelessly started sucking her breasts. Her drunken giggling was distracting me. Good thing nobody asked for an specific direction, for really, I didn't know where I was driving to.

He unzipped his pants at once, bringing that hard cock out. Of course I was watching through the rearview mirror. He shut the bitch's giggles with his dick, and grabbed her head up and down by her hair, pulling his head back and moaning. I had no idea what do do. "Keep driving, Hamalka. Eyes on the road." - I told myself mentally.

-Excuse me, should I continue in this neighbourhood or take the avenue..? - I dared to ask, trying not to notice he was taking off the girls panties and practically fisting her pussy.
-I want to see the bright lights of the city! - the girl laughed.
-You heard the madam. Take the avenue. - He smiled a sexy smile, faced me through the mirror, sucking his fingers and dipping on her again.

She climbed to his lap on the very moment we entered the big avenue. My car has transparent windows and I wondered if people outside could see as clearly as me how the girl was being merciless impaled straight in the ass. I could hear the loud snaps of him sucking her nipples, the wet kisses and the clapping of her big round butt to his balls.

Driving in a straight line, I was all the time checking the action. Damn, if they were shameless enough to fuck in my cab, I would watch. I noticed than he was staring at me through the mirror and giving a perverted smile. He moved his lips slowly and silently for me to read  "you dirty girl". I felt my panties soaked. I couldn't distract, I couldn't react, I gotta keep driving when what I really wanted was to have my cunt sucked as hard as I guessed he was fingering hers.

A police car drove by us. Two guys in a morotcycle stood beside my cab at the red light. They both noticed what was happening and stared openly. "Noite boa, hein, tia?" - one of them screamed to me when the light turned green. "What a great night, huh?". Yeah. For the happy fucking couple, sure. I was having the driving test of my lifetime.
He slapped the girl's butts and she took her ass out of his dick, swallowing it whole. "Swallow it all, don't spill your drink at the madam's cab..." - he said, blinking to me again. "She is doing her job well, and so are you..." 

He stopped talking and started moaning some dirty words. Few seconds later, he came on her mouth. I could guess by his loud mumbling and then that relieved deep sigh. The girl sit back, putting her panties on again. I offered her a box of Kleenex. "Thank you", she smiled with that typical dumb blonde voice, but a cute smile, little bit glossy of his cum, with ruined red lipstick all over her mouth.
-Timbira street, 3428. Please. - He kindly finally gave me a direction to follow. We were close and I dropped them there in a matter of minutes. Then, drove back home where my Mr. had his dreams interrupted by my lips around his cock.

I drove all night, now I would drive him crazy.

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