Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's a girl thing

             I keep wondering about how extraordinary different are the experiences we live either if we are born a guy or a girl. For ever since I know myself, I don't believe there are better gender, for both are incredible opportunities of feeling this world.
I am thankful for being born a girl. I always wanted to be a mom, to feel pregnant, to be completely linked to the moon by having my body responding with menstrual cycles that follows a calendar. In case you people never noticed, healthy women who are not on pills or having hormonal problems are more likely to have their periods when the moon is waning or new. Just observe, it愀 a fact. And it's wonderful.

               We are born to be strong, to defend our kids. To take care of the ones who provide us with physical strength, material support, in a very wide range of understandings. Of course this is a shallow, raw reading of the situation, but we're supposed to be evolved! We have feelings and finesse, we depend of each other's hearts, it works that way. We were supposed to develop practicity in our day by day tasks, so we could enjoy more of this wonderful feeling of nurturing a family, friends, ourselves. And this between males or females, as mothers, fathers, friends, sisters, lovers, husbands, wives and whatever kind of relationships we could have being human. Men needs more than a reproductor of their lineage, and women expects more than a guy who can bring food to the table - even because since there is a huge difference in the way we bring food to the table nowadays and in the Ice Age. It's not a "men's thing" anymore, since a lot of girls I know make more money than their boyfriends. Specially in a world  that pays for strategy. Girls know this shit...
                  I don't believe I'm a feminist: I'm lucky for being a female. I don't believe I'm a sexist, because I think men are so stupid in thinking women are here just for their pleasure, that I shall laugh on the situation more than I would get angry with it. It comes with being a man. And I also know that a lot of men are not really like this, but they can still laugh at the joke. I do. And I'm a woman. 
                  I am that kind of women that thinks it愀 absurd to judge a girl by her clothes. No, just because I like short skirts and deep necklines shouldn't mean I惴 a slut. It just means that it get easier to sluts to sell what they're offering, but to presume I'm offering it's bit like to presume I惴 offering my car just because I惴 driving it on streets. To me, at least, seems like that.
And no, that doesn't mean I go around looking like "Pretty Woman". But I don't see how liking to dress up may condemn my character as a person. And I guess it should be even less wrong if you have a guy by your side. I was so bummed because when I got married, my husband would never let me wear "indecent" clothes. I never worn a deep neckline again. I could do it and I would be happy to respect that if he didn't notice every other girl wearing slutty clothes. I mean what the fuck, if he likes it, why can't I wear it? Of course I wouldn't dress up like that to take our baby to the park, but when going out to dance, drink and party, where nobody needs to know I'm a "family mom".


                    And I'm a sexual girl. I think it's one of the best things about being human. It's my nature not to fuck around, I am not addicted to casual sex, in fact I always wanted to keep sex somewhat special. I only fuck when I'm really in the mood or the other is really appealing. It's just my way of enjoying it, I don't judge anyone's character because one fucks a lot. I would probably do the same if I wasn't bit weird, and I don't think it's weirder than some sexual fantasies that all of us have. If I was a prostitute that choose my partners, I'd be considered a luxury escort. I'm just a woman who likes to choose my lovers, maybe because I'm sexually selfish (smiley here). The fact I might be aware of being just one of many doesn't mean I would take anyone of so many to be with me. 

                       Ain't I a bitch?

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