Monday, January 7, 2013

Bonus track

For those whom it may concern (if there is anyone), the last post, "Sex Drive",has a prologue. I ripped it off when I posted it because, truly, I don't believe anyone would wonder how and why in the world I was driving a cab. Since it's just porn fiction, this shouldn't matter, but when I was writing it seemed pretty important to justify. Maybe because it seemed just too implausible to myself. So I had to "warm up", "rehearse", "get into the character"...whatever. Anyway, I wrote, so I'm posting.

Deal with it.

Sex Drive - Prologue

It was about 11 p.m already, when my phone rang. I wasn't sleeping, though. In fact I was pretty much dressed to go out, but couldn't find company, so I gave up.
On the other side of the call, there were a friend of mine who works as a cab driver and was about to become a dad for the fifth time, so I took it immediately:

-So, is it a boy or a girl? - I cheerfully said, instead of "hello".
- We actually don't know yet! - he answered, his voice sounding worried. I could hear his wife's moanings beside him. - Samantha's water just broke and I had to take her to the hospital.
-Is everything okay?
-Oh, yes, she's doing really fine. You know she's got some experience, it's me who always get desperate because we man can't do much to help. - he even laughed for a second. - But I'll need a favour of yours, right now.
-Sure, what?
-Well, a second before all this happen I committed myself to pick up a very special client. Can you do this for me?

- Me? Why me?
- He's a very special client. - My friend insisted.
-But I...
-Listen! - his wife's laments went louder and his voice got shaky - If I'm asking this for you it's because I am sure you're the only one I can trust for it. This client is very important and I can't miss him. Of course you can have the fare, I just don't want to let him down, so I need you to pick him up at the Plaza in about one hour. Nothing much, just drive.
-...will I get in any trouble? - I suspected.- Is this a kind of real life GTA?
He laughed again.
-Hell, no! There is nothing illegal involved. I promise. So...will you?
-Great! Thank you very much! - he seemed really relieved. - A co-worker will pick you up at you place in about ten minutes and drive you to where my cab is. When you're done with the client, you can go home, I´ll pick up the cab tomorrow. Thank you! - he thanked again before hanging up the phone.

And I was only imagining what kind of "special" adventure I had just signed in for.

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