Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't drink and blog

Jäger #1Today I drove past some place that brings me good memories. And remembering one story made me remind on another, and than someone who was also in another episode...It was like I was reading the pages of the past for the first time. Well, I see no better way to describe it.
I realized once more how wonderful my life is, and how many extraordinary people I've met through all these years. Few have stayed, and with each one of them I share at least one wonderful story from a moment that we will never forget. Even when sometimes we had forgotten about each other, we both will have lively  memories of that same moment forever. And this bonds me to a lot of amazing characters that some I have the honour to call dear friends. And then suddenly I understand why they say that real friends are the ones you may totally rely on. And I understand why they are rare and precious.
I was also privileged in getting to know the most interesting people I could wish for on this Earth. Jäger#2 And I mean that because I made contact to a lot of people from different countries by then and thanks to the Internet and the incredible grownth of social media, I also have very special people living pretty fucking far away, but I wonder how estranged we could have been if we depended on snail mail. I'm blessed to be born in this age...
I've been in so many places, so many situations when I was all the time thinking: "Oh, boy, is this really happening..?". It did, and maybe you were there. You know it rocked. You know we'll never get tired telling that story again and again. I treasure this kind of people in my life, really.
I met a lot of people Jäger#3 who are not worth a cold cheese pizza, too, but even them always seemed to be interesting people. And really, I never gave too much of a fuck to the people who dislike me. I have developed the anti-bullying mechanism of not giving a shit at all. I'm not normal, I'm not changing, but who cares if the best people I know are all a little bit weird themselves?
I feel tempted in giving some examples of what I really think about some interesting people I've met, but I guess I'd loose some friends... (smiley emoticon goes here). But since few of you know each other, I bet 100e that all of you will agree that the other has its uniques. And for better or worse, "it's better to be ridiculous than absolutely boring".-said Marilyn Monroe.Jäger#4 And she was the funniest diva ever.

 I could write a book about my life, I just don't know if it is really this interesting or I just think so because it's made of really funny people. I can't play any part of it, but I can tell the stories. I was never the cuttest, the smartest and sure not the richer. Nor the poorer, either. I've always been the shortest, though...
Well the stories are written, anyway. Registered for my time capsule. I am leaving nothing from me to this world, but if someone can read about my life, the best part of me will prevail forever (insert another smiley emoticon here).

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