Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another senseless post

Sunday morning, birds are singing, the fog is unfolding another cold, sunny morning. I wish I could tell you guys that I haven't been sleeping ever since yesterday, that my saturday night was wild, that I had the best afterparty ever, and still had enough for a good morning fuck. And maybe I should. I'm Hamalka, I can do things that most humans with a decent life couldn't.

So, let's begin again: it's not even ten yet, I'm still drunk, or in fact, I didn't stop drinking. But I'm feeling fine, I'm laughing and singing, and I am writing all this while smoking my last Marlboro menthol. I kicked off my shoes and am stitting with my notebook at our house's pleasant garden. Mr. Red should be sleeping upstairs. I bet he's tired. I am never tired enough for a good story.

...okay, this is not true. If Mr. Red is upstairs this means I'm exhausted. But that's the fun about fan fiction. I can even be sitting outdoors, because it wouldn't be raining hail.

First night we shared, it was raining like hell. Not hail. But as if soneone had threw the ocean upside down. No wonder, it was the raining season. Hot and wet - but believe me, it sounds better than it feels on the everyday life. That night, though, I remember the sound of the rain outside was something I wouldn't ignore. What I was feeling was as powerful as the water coming down from the skies.

We had a whole night of fun and great music, then we ended up in the first motel room we found on our way back home. We had sex, we made love, we had fun, so much fun..! There is nothing better than that first approach, a long hug...a kiss that goes deeper and deeper while hands start to get daring...bodies so close we can feel each other's heartbeat.

I only have to breathe deep to smell that skin I adore. That soft skin against mine, makes me even more aware that it's not just a dream. Whenever I'm away, I wonder if this really feels as good as I remember, and everytime I experience it, I notice reality is way better than the memory. Nah, I don't expect any of you readers to understand what I'm talking about. Being with him - not only in the sexual way - and being with all the other men I've ever knew, it's like the difference between a great lecture and a concert. I love great lectures. I've learnt a lot and had the opportunity of sharing great time with great people in lectures. There are lectures that are never a bore, and do move my heart, but...a concert goes a step further. It talks more universally, because involves music, and dance,  body movements, sex even. Music touches humans in a very particular way - both good music and shitty music. And that's why I say I would never miss a great lecture, but a great concert is just...overwhelming.

Maybe it's really time to get the show on the road, again...

#Day 296 begins

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