Monday, June 3, 2013

Hamalka, the pornstar.

I know it sounds crazy (and if you can read this in my voice, then you know I'm crazy, anyway), but one of the reasons why I kept my virginity during my teenage years, was because I was pretty sure that once I had sex for the first time, I probably wouldn't want to stop. Not that I thought I would become promiscuous, but I would definitely care more about guys. I was a "conscious virgin": I knew pretty much what I was missing, that's precisely why I wanted it to be big deal.

And now, for the first time in my life, ever since I started my sexual life, I haven't been having sex for almost 300 days by now. As, the same way it worked when I was a virgin, this means I haven't been having any kind of sexual contact. In fact, when I was a virgin there was some times that I used to kiss a lot...But now it has been almost 300 days since I last been kissed.

Of course, in the meanwhile I have been seeing / writing / reading a lot of porn. Whenever I feel like it. When I don't, I don't: that's why this blog haven't been updated so frequently. I wasn't feeling very sexual for a while, but somehow it's coming back to me again. Not that I've been inspired enough to write new fantasies, but it's been good to make my shower time funnier every once in a while...

I like porn. I know I've said that a thousand times already, but it's really something I'm not ashamed to admit. Everybody likes sex, everybody have dirty fantasies, what's the matter of enjoying the videos? Because porn, even when it's shitty terrible, it can at least make you laugh, like the unforgettable Smurfs porn.

Imagine that; Hamalka, the pornstar. I wonder what would my first movie be like. So far I had only acted and directed in my dirty imagination, just my own wet stories with M-R, but truly, I think it could be a blast to produce some of them, if I trusted anyone else to play our roles. But I guess it would be pretty hard to act right, enjoy and direct at the same time, so, I probably will never see one of our fucks on the actual form it is deserving of being seen, but a room full of mirrors would make the perfect balance between visual and comfort (really, I dunno how I would feel at the moment, fucking with a cameraman between my legs).

I think a homemade video can be pretty kinky. Specially if it has scenes to please both guys and dolls. We often see a girl being slapped in the face with the guy's dick, but we seldom see the expression the guy is doing. The girl is looking at him in the eye, I want to see what she is seeing, but in porn they seem to be more interest on the man's point of view, always.

You guys have no idea how a girl's point of view can be interesting, too..!Ah, if I could only edit some things I've seen with my own eyes... *angel face*

Almost 300 days. Gosh, I'll rape him dead when I meet him..!

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