Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sex machine

I started going to cardio classes this week. Of course I know three weeks won't turn me into any goddess of fitness, but at least I'll feel I'm a little bit more fit to face this new beginning (again). Yeah, it seems that my life is always beginning again. Imagine how many dramatic ends it takes...

So, I was coming from the shower, wet, warm and scented, when I walked past the mirror. I stopped for a moment and let the towel hit the floor, taking a good, deep, critical look to what I was seeing on the reflex. I don't have what I would call a "killer body" myself. I don't have boobs as big as I'd like to. I don't have an ass as round as I'd like to. I don't have a waist as small as I'd like too, hair and legs as long as I'd like to, belly as flat as I'd like to.

But you wanna know what..? I bet some of those girls who do have a "killer body" would just DIE to really enjoy all the pleasures I allow my imperfect body to give and receive... And the overwhelming orgasms it eventually results into.

I might be unsecure of my looks, but I'm pretty confident about my performance: I go for what I like...and I like it all the way.

Who's counting the cellulitis, while busy moaning in pleasure..?

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