Friday, June 7, 2013

Real life adventures

I wish I could yell to the whole world how productive and wonderful times I have been living ever since I came back home. Definitely, I don't miss the fancier living. It's great to have luxury, but life get so much wider when we don't get distracted by so many material and ordinary things..!

I'm truly starting to find myself. To see me as I really am. The woman I became, afterall. I'm not a girl anymore, and I came to notice that at 32!
In the past two years I've been slaying dragons. But only now, looking back, I can really notice how far I got.

 I had two amazing jobs (and a shitty one that taught me one by one, all the things I hate most about corporatives). I also had the amazing oportunity of working in really big things, and handle so huge responsabilities that I never thought in my life someone would ever trust me. And I know that not in a single moment I let those professionals down. I didn't know I could, now I do.

And all this, thanks to so many people and situations that I'll address my gratefulness to the Universe, hoping each one get your fair share of my heart. I guess I've wrote this here before :) And it's still true.

I am learning the most precious lessons about life and true friendship, family love and mankind, through amazing people: some new, some old mates that now I see over a totally new perspective. They changed, people change. I sure did.

There are some battles ahead yet, there will always be battles. What surprises me is that for the first time I'm starting to think that maybe I'm a warrior, maybe I like to fight! (^_^). Life needs it spice, I have no idea for how long I will be here or what there will be on the other side. There is more true in "carpe diem" that most people can sense, I guess.

Back to Holy Grounds, off to face Tiamat again. (^_ ^ )

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