Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Faith in men-kind: restored

Okay, I didn't have a very nice day. Didn't sleep, couldn't make it to the gym, the Internet was unstable, the TV wasn't working, riots closed half the city, I couldn't fulfill all the tasks I had for today, and my stepsister is very sick...

In the evening I was tired and in a terrible bad mood, but a brief conversation about love enlightened my night. Nothing much, I just asked a friend if he believed in love. Just because, since instants before we were joking about sex and relationships, and occured me that we were always making the same jokes, but never talked seriously about it. So I asked, and his simple, sincere answer warmed my heart.

Maybe there is still hope for the ones like us. Maybe there are still fairtales to be told, afterall...because reading his answer I noticed that, yes, there is still people in this world who deserves to be happy.

I hope I can be one of them, too...Someday...somehow...

Tonight I'll dream in Red again. Hopefully soon, I'll be waking up in his so-dreamed arms...

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