Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 11 : Knock me out

Not the worst day ever: in fact it was even better than I expected. Ok, "better" might not be the word for it, but it isn't so bad after all. I could enjoy a more productive time, however, if I had woken up earlier. 

Problem is that I actually had hard time trying to sleep. I don´t like to take sleeping pills, specially because then it´s very hard to wake me up. I had no alcohol at home, so I thought that maybe some orgasms could knock me down. So I summoned the dynamic duo (Mr. Red & Mr. Hand) for the menĂ¡ge and chose a nice porn online for making the background. But after three rounds the bed was getting trashed, Mr. Hand was getting tired and I started to notice that Mr. Red was actually only getting me more excited, and the goal after all was to get some sleep. So I traded the porn for this , closed my eyes and tried to stay still. Luckyly the ending of the footage is still unknow to me.

Today my travel agent also scared the hell out of me. Because of some other girl of the travel agency, I almost lost my tickets. Lucky me (and her!) it was ALMOST. I'd just rip her skin off if the worse had happened. And would sure sue the agency or worse. No one screws with my Lonelymoon and gets off unharmed!

But here it is: my ticket to heaven. And back.

Nothing is perfect.

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