Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 17: Watch over us!

Forgive me fellow christians and commerce enthusiasts, but today is my favourite holiday of the year. We celebrate the heroes of this land that fought for the constitution, among them my beloved grandfather that I didn't even get to know before he passed away, but whose memory I'll always cherish: there are so many fantastic stories about him that at least one thing I can be sure of: he was sure a guy who understood that life is to be lived. He was a lawyer,a soldier, a politician, a filmaker. I even wonder if he was ever called a drifter. Anyway, his tales survived.

After my civil duties, I went to have some coffee with a dear friend who I seldom meet nowadays. She went to Vegas earlier this year and brought me a souvenir I just loved : a pink mug with the Playboy logo on it. And I´m already enjoying it: in my bed, under the covers, having a hot cocoa and typing this before watching a movie and hopefully meet King Morpheus before midnight.

Time seems to be going faster now.

Oh, yeah..!

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