Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 19: Something wicked always comes

Today could be a great day. Actually today could be quite a perfect day - considering the circumstances - so, maybe I´m just not deserver of such fun and relieving moments.  "Hey, look at Hamalka: she's so happy and laughing with her friends, enjoying some nice moments at the park, so full of hopes and good vibes, c'mon, let´s screw up her day in the worst way possible, so she can end up in tears and regret for the whole fucking night. Shall we?" - this must had been the talking among the devils today.

I must be the worse person in this world. I must had been Lilith, I must had been a fucking pedophile priest in other life, I must had been fucking Hitler. There´s just no other damn explanation why I have to face all this shit, really. Damn, once again I´ll say it: I don´t mind getting up with the consequences of stupid things I do every now and then, but I fucking HATE when my life gets all fucked up because of people that are not worth the air they breath!

Just fucking shoot me and bury me at once!

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