Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 23: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

Yes, I'm still alive. Missed one day update because of some freakin internet problems and also because I got bit lazy. I´m not built for this damn winter that makes me feel like spending all my days under the covers.
Not that I've been doing so, either. Yesterday we went downtown again - yes, it seems that there's nothing else to do in this city during the day than heading downtown. We went to the City Market and I bought some regional peppers after having quite a typical lunch: cod pastry and baloney sandwich. Then we came back to the neighbourhood for some unusual sightseeing, such as the mansion where ten years ago, the older daughter killed her parents to have their money. How cool, huh?

Today we didn't do nothing much: went out for lunch, some groceries and then I toke my cousin to the fanciest shopping mall in the city, but I just dropped her there and came back home. I hate these fancy places, of course that´s because I'm not fancy enough to that. It´s not worth the effort, I think. Not that I dream of becoming amish or hippie, but I truly don't see any sense in spending a lot of money in clothes or anything just because they´re branded something or something else. And really, I don´t give a flying fuck for what people think about my looks. I never really did, but now that I´m past 30's, I couldn´t care less.

Just one week to escape. I'm taking a vacation out of my own boring life.

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