Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 15: I Saw

When I was a teenager I was quite into horror movies. Problem is that I never really got scared by them. Most horror movies there is are just too absurd and ridiculous, so I learnt maybe the best horrors are not exactly the scariest ones, but  simply the ones who makes any sense at all. It can even make you laugh, like "The Stuff". That is sure a masterpiece. They say Stephen King is a master of terror. Bullshit, if you´re basing your opinions on his movies, since they mostly suck. "Sleepwalkers" is one of the greatest shit I´ve ever seen, however "Stand By Me", based on his novel "The Body", is actually a great movie. But hardly a terror one. 

There were, of course, very few movies that actually got me by the fright. But none I can remember is a Hollywood blockbuster: "Ringu" - the japanese original thriller (if you think that shitty remake is scary, you'll die seeing the actual stuff) and korean "Oldboy", which ending made me shit bricks.

Still, there are some movies they call "horror", that though are not really "horrifying" are pretty intelligent. I had this impression with the "Saw" series. The problem is that however I saw all the episodes, I was always bit lost on the plot, since I saw them with a quite big interval in between each movie. So, since this week I had pretty much nothing better to do I decided to watch them all in a row, from first to last release.

 I always thought the general idea of "Saw" was pretty good, the soundtrack is great, the photography is great and the games were wicked smart, but since I always got lost on the lot of details, I couldn´t still judge if that was either a good story or not.  After this "asylum", I can strongly say: the story itself is not as impressing as it seems if you see the movies separatedly, and if you see the movies from 3 on without knowing what came first you just simply can't figure anything out and will end up sure it was nothing but good visual and sound effects. Wrong. Of course the whole theatricals are not half as great as its inner philosophy, but it´s something really interesting for those who likes intelligent violence. Or should I say the intelligence of violence?

In the end, the same conclusion: it's not the movies. It's people that are scary.

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