Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 24: Freezing fun

Not that you give a damn, but today it was quite fine. Quite a wonder to a shitty, cold-weathered rainy day at Hamalkaland. Went where, guess where? To a fabulous shopping mall! When you have absolutely nothing else to do nor nowhere else to hide, we can always go to a shopping mall: this city has plenty.

I am starting to think my cousin has some hidden goldmine, for she spends so much money I guess I could make a living of it. Good for her-and for me, since she's always buying me milkshakes. Bad for my hips, great for my tongue...

I read a comic book on a bookstore that tells the story of Allan Kardec. I didn´t know half of that and I´m totally in love. Quite a story.

Faith in humanity: restored.

For now.

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