Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 14: Fun in the sun

Okay, I guess by now all of you already know that I have troubles sleeping and past night was no different, so I'll just skip that subject.
While most of you that still bother to read these lines are probably working or bored locked up in your homes, I lay here in the sun, wearing nothing but the smallest g-string thong I could find, butt up trying to get a little tan. There's no one around and I'm enjoying a nice glass of piƱa colada, though I had a few (ok, a bunch) of alcohol yesterday and had promised myself I wouldn't drink this weekend, but since I have no hangover ,I guess I'll just enjoy myself.

I've been happy. Dunno even why, but I feel glad and thankful about life. I guess I'm just excited and teenagerly in love. Yeah, why not?

17 nights. No more.

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