Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 18: Change of plans

Today I went downtown with a long-time-no-seen friend of mine. It was really great to wander the streets going in and out of stores, seeing people, riding the subway...We ended up at my favourite oriental restaurant where we ate and laughed a lot. By the way, I had sushi for lunch and sashimi for dinner. I´ve been eating so much raw salmon that I´m pretty sure I´ll look fat as a bear in no time.

Still, I look fabulous. My skin is getting healed and this sure makes me feel better. I guess I'm well on my way to get rid of that shitty self esteem problems once and for all.

Big day is getting closer and fate wanted me to do something else than get my buns tanned until then, so my cousin decided she's coming up to town for some days - precisely the days that I still have here. Not that I am not happy with her company, just that I thought about sleeping, staying butts up and doing this kind of stuff I definitely don't want to do during my days off. Or maybe it´s a good thing to start party-trainning. well, I don't know. Afterall, fate came up with this, I'll just let the river flow.

Now I´ll smoke a cigarette while I read myself a bedtime story, and after that I´ll stalk Mr. Red into my dreams. Hopefully he´ll come tonight.

True dream would be to still have him here by the morning...

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