Monday, August 20, 2012

Corporative cattle

Ookay, time for some grumpiness here: today I got a remarkable reminder of why I hate working for a big enterprise. We were all fully buried in work, and still had to waste almost two of my precious hours in a meeting where two guys were talking about how neat and honoured is to work for that company. You know, this motivational stuff almost always gets me demotivate. I mean: okay, it´s a good company and they pay me right, but why would I celebrate as if it was my daughter's birthday because they are making a million a day? Where are all this money going? Not to my paycheck, for sure...

Then they started showing a video of the last "business meeting" they promoted. It was mostly about the sales team at the beach, dressed as seamen, drinking, partying and making stupid preschool tasks such as drawings, banners and even assembling a paper card boat. What the fuck..?! What does this has to do with e-commerce, for goat´s sake?! It was funny, indeed, but come on: nothing justifies the eyes full of tears of some of my colleagues when the boss is talking about growing 421% a year. None of us owns the company, most of us are actually small fishes there, so, why such a comotion? They talk as if the company was our father, mother and religion, and the most incredible is that it seems that people are actually buying it!
I remember a time when I was working as a screenplay writer for motivational videos to big corporations. It was pretty hard, actually, since not even I, the moron queen, can come up with so much shit to treat businesspeople as 6 year old retarded kids. I felt sorry for them. That´s when I decided I would never like to be treated as corporative cattle.

And look what I've got now..! Must be a bad karma. I´m pretty sure it is.
Oh, the things I do for money... to have stuff money just can´t buy.

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