Friday, August 24, 2012

Light as a feather

I must confess that I was never much into sex toys. I had a vibrator once, but I think vibrator orgasms are boring. Too fast and mechanical. Orgasms are a thing you must taste and enjoy, like a good wine or chocolate, even masturbating. And I never had a fake dick or something. When I fuck, I fuck. When I masturbate, I masturbate. If I´m touching myself while getting fucked, it´s not masturbation, as much as shoving cold things in my pussy by myself is not fucking - and not my thing. Each one to one´s pleasure.

But it seems that this time I found something really interesting at an adults toy store: this cuddly pink feather. What does it do? It tickles. Softly and innocently. Great inspiration for this relaxing moments when I sit here with my glass of red wine and try to get rid of all the stress from the day past.
And red as my wine and my dreams, he comes to tickle me. All undress, I spread myself to him, feeling that caress that arouses me and makes me wet for more. His kiss of wine and cigarettes turns me on as we breath deeply at the same rythm. I burn in love and desire for his body in mine while all I can feel is the light touch of the feathers between my legs. "Tonight I´ll make you beg." He whispers. I am already begging. For his hands all over me, that hot lips sliding through my shoulders. The scent of his skin bathed in sweat and perfume, the sight of his face, eyes shut, head up, lips that moan a feeling I can only guess to share. Oh, that face I'd sell my soul to stare for the rest of my life, that haunts me as a glimpse of an angel, born as human just for the pleasure of the ones he has touched. He moves me and pleases my body and my spirit, and I have no choice but to surrender. Deep inside me in every way I feel whole. Splashed in his cum I was baptized as lover, and for gift I got everything I can do to keep him satisfied. My naughtiest dreams and hidden passions, my hunger desires and dirtiest secrets, I crave for his touch and give all in a tray. My cunt dripping wet pays its honours with an overwhelming orgasm.

And again it is just me.


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  2. Still didn´t try the other side of the magic wand either, maybe Mr. Red encourages me someday.


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