Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wet thoughts

One of the things I found out about myself during these days is that maybe I´m a little bit more sexually insane than I thought. Not that I was shy or contained before, but maybe I wasn´t just so open hearted as I thought I was. Or even, I wasn´t so self assured and confortable to really - I mean, really - enjoy some things without reservations and guilty.
I like to come, I love the sensation of that heatwave that shakes my body and makes me wet, I like to get aroused. I used to watch a lot of porn ever since I was a virgin, waiting for the man I would be meant to please. For some narrow minded  people it might be hard to believe, but I was virgin until my 20´s and still I can count my night stands on my fingers. Instead of fucking around, sex had become so important in my life that I prefere to make big deal of it: it must take something special to happen: an uncontrollable urge, or else I prefere to have fun on my own. You know, I don´t exactly need somebody to make me come. I can do it very well by myself, and I don´t even need to worry about calling the day next. Mr. Red, my imaginary sex friend is pretty great, and he recently learnt a whole lot of new tricks that might keep me fed for some time now. His voice dirty talks to make me crazy at anytime of the day, I hear him whispering in my ear "I´ll cum inside your ass" and feel my panties getting wet. Fuck me hard, fuck me deep, I´ll suck you to choke if you just ask me again.Climb up on me, give me that look, that roar, hold me hard and give me no escape from your hungry mouth between my legs.
Hit me harder, I like it. Fuck me roughly. Fill me up.
And then let me fall asleep to your heartbeat on the satin shelter of the arms I love.

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