Thursday, August 16, 2012

Feet on the ground

These days made me also think a lot about the directions I should give to my life from now on. I wanted a vacation "out of my life" and I got it in a way I could actually see myself from a completely different point of view, and this helped a lot reviewing my goals, my feelings, my hopes and dreams and all the ambitions I might have. All of my life I was always the easy living that prefered not to worry (or even not to care), maybe because I didn´t actually had a figure of what my existence was. Now I picture a story that is completely different from what I expected, in a surprisingly good way, and the road to the future seems clear : it may be still bit far away, but I can see it from here, and this is sure a beginning. I have always been impulsive and trusted so much in a star  that now I see I was just way too fucking lucky I never got into huge troubles cruising for bruising like that. I was all the time head diving with my eyes closed and was just plain fucking luck that I never hit shallow waters.

Well, I´m not saying I won´t trust my intuition or take any risks anymore, but I am pretty sure by now that I can go on with knowledge instead of blind faith ( or inconsequence?)
I won´t say I grew wiser, but I sure grew older, and point is that I might just not be too good humorous anymore to take the consequences if something goes wrong, now. No time to loose. If I want it all and I want it now, I might as well go get it.

Dreaming is not over, but reality is just beginning...

And maybe it´s better than I thought.

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