Thursday, August 30, 2012

Definitely unsexy

So, here I am, after a full day at work, sitting on the toilet, trying to relax and get rid of the shit of life. Yes, you got that right. And don't give me that disgusted looks, for I know you often do the same thing. at least once a day, if you're a healthy being. I just think that if I'm shameless enough to think you guys enjoy reading about things going up my intimates, there's no point in hiding the truth that eventually things get down them, too.
I actually wonder how many times we're reading sweet things from that gorgeous people on Facebook or blogs, and they are actually sitting on the toilet, cutting the toe nails or doing even more bizarre everyday tasks. It never happened to me of asking "What´s up?" to some friend and get "I'm taking a crap" as an answer. But  I´m pretty sure in fact it might had been true at some point.

Okay, I don't think physiological needs are sexy or cool, but hey, it´s part of life. To burp, fart and stuff. Comes with the package, and although it can indeed be rude to share it with the world, I think society is bit paranoid about it. Like this friend of mine, who went on vacation with her boyfriend for the first time. They spent 10 days in Mexico, which means a lot of beans, chilli and corn, right? And for these 10 days, she never made it to the toilet. Reason alleged: they were sharing a bathroom and she would never live through the fact he could want to the toilet right after she had pooped, and he could still smell it. "Well" - I said - "Couldn´t you just  give him a good humoured warn, like 'If I were you, I wouldn't go in there right now?'. Nah, she said she didn't even feel like doing it for the whole vacation, so nervous she was on that possibility. I wonder how she didn't got sick...

Shit happens. Indeed.

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