Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Viva la vida!

Oh, yeah. For weeks you've seen me counting the days for the big event I called "lonelymoon". That in the end, as you may presume, I wasn´t expecting to be lonely at all. And it wasn´t: met a lot of people, made amazing new friends, got fucked hard and loved softly, and every morning I woke up for a new dream.Oh yeah, I wanted it all, a lifetime of excess, heavy drinking, heavy metal and overwhelming feelings.

For those who lived to seen it, build it and share it , my eternal gratitude and the certainty that none of you or those moments shall ever be forgotten.

Better than spend over 20 days drinking and never having a hangover is to spend over 20 days living with all your heart and never having a single hassle.

No, it wasn´t exactly what I was expecting.
It was more, way further more. And now I don´t just think  I am the luckiest girl in the world because of that.

I´m pretty fucking SURE I am.
Who´d to say?


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  2. Oh thank you, and indeed, that was a blast! I'd post some pictures, but I´m afraid my blog would be restricted or banned for inappropriate material.

    Of course I got a lot of this word. I only get along with real gentlemen..! It means "flower" , right?



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