Friday, August 17, 2012

Dress me up

I don´t care about having to wake up early for work. Okay, in winter this can be really difficult, but my problem was never actually to get off the bed- my problem is to get off the house. First because it implies that I have to choose something to wear, and believe it or not, you readers, I am a girl who simply hates fashion and trying a bunch of outfits.Of course I like to look nice, but problem is that my sense of nice has nothing to do with common sense, I think. I can see an outfit and immediately know if I like it or not, but I suck with dress codes, and  unfortunately where I live people tend to judge you by your clothes and the way you dress. No wonder why nobody has a clue of who I am...
This time I decided I won´t bother anymore. I´ll wear pretty much the same pair of jeans, t-shirts and my ten years old favourite sweater everyday. And fuck the purse, I´m using my backpack: it´s so easier to carry and I can fit a lot of stuff in there if I need to. Of course I don´t, because of the weight, but you never know when you might need some space.

I need to find a good seamstress, so I can have the clothes I want the way they fit me. You know, I don´t have a common figure, if I may say so, and most outfits don´t suit me so fine, so the best ones were tailor made. Problem is that as much as I don´t like to go shopping, I also have no patience of going to a seamstress to take measures and try the clothes. Actually I would love to know how to sew myself the outfits I want, but I tried hard to learn the magic, and ended up pretty sure it´s a talent, as cooking, gardening or playing an instrument. I won´t starve and I can fix some loose buttons, but I can barely ring a doorbell in tune. And I never tried gardening again since my cactus died. It was like breaking a Nokia phone : I felt miserable when I found out I was capable of doing that.

Gee, just looked at the clock and noticed I´m running late. Time for shower, my boring clothes and off to work. Today it will be a heavy shitty busy day, but at least it´s friday and there will be beer at the office after 6 p.m

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