Monday, August 27, 2012

Hairy issue

I was just reading a funnytragic issue about waxing. Or else, about the lack of it. Girls that decided to let their body hair grow freely, on the armpits, face, eyebrows and bikini line. Mostly, they do it to contest beauty standards, it's a feminist thing (at least what they call feminism down here at H-Land). But that issue is actually saying this might become a fashion trend.
Wha-ha-at? Come on, I hope it does. It will be fabulous to see all that fashion models and followers looking like anorexic gorillas. I wanna see the Victoria´s Secret Angels raising their arms and showing their natural growth pompons. I can't wait for the summer, when the beaches will be full of bikini bushes. That would sure be a freakshow.

Thankfully I was never a fashion freak .I get crazy only in waiting during intervals to clean up my eyebrows.

Sorry, trendies, but I´ll stick to my brazilian wax probably until I´m too old to care, or to grow hair at all.

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