Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When the day ends

"I dunno why, I try not to make theories about it, but fact is I´m feeling a bit blue these days. Maybe is the lack of sleep: since I got off the plane my life has been quite a hurricane: I was expecting to spend at least one month trying to find a new job, for example. But I made it back home on sunday and was at the office on monday. Had a hell out of a busy week, and on weekend there was this family party that went trough the night. After that, my daughter got sick. Ah, the glamour of motherhood: I haven´t been sleeping for two nights in a row, while she burns in fever and wakes up crying and throwing up every fifteen minutes. And by dawn, when she finally sleeps, I gotta get back to the office again.
Yes, this is really stressful and might be the reason I think I´ve been feeling down.

Actually, I've been feeling stupid. I wish I was an intelligent girl. Clever, at least. But everyday I have more and more this impression I´m nothing but stupid. My head doesn´t work right, I can´t do some things that seem so easy to most people. I can´t even deal with people right. And I wish I could care more about some things that are going on nowadays around me, but damn, I never felt more like don´t giving a flying fuck for anything."

I gave up. I was just so stressed that I couldn't go on writing anything that made any sense anymore. During the day, to keep up the work running I had massive doses of coffee and sugar, and then, no matter how tired I was, I just couldn´t get any sleep. The house was on perfect silence, and so was the whole neighbourhood. It seems everybody was already in bed, but me. So I started doing pretty useless stuff in order to get bored and knocked out.

-What are you doing? -he asked, and his voice itself was already enough to make me shiver.

-I am working after hours - I answered, without looking back, pretty sure he was there, looking straight to me, as sexy as he is.

-Shit you are. I´ve been here for a while, and I saw you on Facebook.

-I was just kidding, and I´m going to take a shower now.

I closed the computer and got up from the bed heading to the bathroom, but he got me in the way. Grabbed my arm and looked deep in my eyes.

-You´re sure in need of a shower. You are such a dirty girl.

He started stripping me from the pants. He unbuttoned my jeans and slid down my panties that were already getting wet. I felt his hand grabbing my pussy and his middle finger rubbing my clit, just teasing, spreading all that juice between my legs and up to my asshole. I closed my eyes in delight and moaned softly when he started penetrating me with his fingertips. His other hand was caressing my breasts from over the black t-shirt I made mention to take it off, but he stopped me.

- I´ll do it.

With both hands, he pulled my shirt bit up, enough to uncover my breasts still held on a white lace bra. He grabbed them both off the cups and sucked until my shy nipples got hard and red, a bit sore even, but it was sure more pleasure than pain. Then he went on pulling my shirt up, I raised my arms to get it off, but instead he stopped at the wrists and tied my hands together with the t-shirt so tight I couldn´t get off that unexpected handcuffs. Then he pushed me back to bed and held my arms still up while he climbed on me, and with the free hand, pulled his dick out his jeans. The son of a bitch didn´t even bother to take his clothes off before rubbing his huge cock against my boobs, my mouth and my face. I could already taste him, and felt my pussy dripping in anxiety to swallow him whole.

But he proceeded fucking my tits instead. Slid that hot dick slowly between my breasts and made me suck its head. He was looking me straight into the eyes, and eventually closed his and roared in pleasure. I could feel his cock getting even bigger between my now moist and reddened boobs, it was pulsating inside my mouth and I wish he´d come all over my face right then, but I knew it was just a start.

He got off me and turned me butts up, to the edge of the bed. With my arms caught under my body I was in no escaping position. I could listen to him taking off his clothes in a second, while I felt one of his hands and then the other spreading my legs and pussy.

-Oh, fuck..! - I moaned when felt his tongue all inside me. Soon I was all filled up, with his hungry mouth all over my clit while his fingers fucked me deep. I could feel  two moving fast and softly inside my pussy and one going in and out my ass, hard and slow. The sensation was just too much to describe. Eventually, he slapped my butt and I could feel the skin turning hot . I asked him to hit harder.

- A dirty bitch, indeed...- he laughed - look at just have no choice but being my filthy whore tonight.
 I almost screamed, with his fingers inside me. Suddenly he pulled my legs up on the bed again and turned me on my back. His huge hands were now smelling like sex and he grabbed my face by the jaws, forcing me to open my mouth, as I wasn´t dying to choke on his cock. And while he made me take it whole down to my throat, he laid on top of me, holding my legs open while he french kissed my pussy. He was sucking and licking me as he went deeper and harder on my mouth, I couldn´t breathe or scream but I´d die happy if I had to come right at that moment. I felt his cock pulsating inside my throat and I was pretty sure he´d feed me with his cum.

But I got loosen from the ties, and grabbed him by the balls, softly and literally. When he noticed I had my hands free, he tried to get me captive again, but now it was my turn to play. I got him laid down and gave him back: I was about to ride that delicious cock as a naughty cowgirl. I held him with my hands and rubbed against my pussy a little so he could feel me hot and wet while I decided if I wanted to take that cock on my pussy or my ass. I guided his dick to my asshole, carefully not to get hurt. Only the tip went in a few times before it was hot and loose enough so I could actually take him whole inside my butt.

His arms then embraced me and it took just a litle touch of his fingers on my clit for me to come like crazy while he hugged me from behind, his dick all shoved inside me, his hands grabbing my tits and my pussy. It was almost a squirting orgasm for I could feel the juice dripping out and making his dick go even deeper and harder. I couldn´t take that anymore, I screamed and my body got loose up on his, I was feeling like a sex doll, worn out and hypnotized by his sexy growing roar from what I could barely figure the words he was saying. He grabbed me by the tits to fuck me and came closer to my ear to say in a whisper: Take all my cum inside your ass.

I didn´t take it all. I could feel something hot leaking by the time he filled me up. His body got tense, than shaking loose . His heartbeat was so loud it almost echoed in the room. I could feel its vibrations while we kissed deeply, surrendered to each others arms.

So, I shut my eyes for a moment, and when I realized, Mr. Red was gone.

And I´m off to that shower at last. After writing down all this, I´m definitely in need of some clean panties...

Shit, this blog is getting more x-rated than I ever thought it would...


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  2. I´ll take it as a compliment to my literary skills...


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