Thursday, August 23, 2012

Long way home

Today, for the first time since I arrived from heaven and went back to hell work, I got to leave the office at 6 p.m , as I should everyday, but due to the shitload of things to do, this just never happens. Well, I already had this hunch, but today I got pretty sure that it´s useless anyway. I live 7 km away from that damn office, but getting out at six means precisely it will take me at least one hour and a half to get home. Rush hour on Hamalkaland: 700 cars to each thousand inhabitants. Not because we're wealthy, but because public transportation just doesn´t work. Bah, no news, here. Point is that this year we´re electing a new mayor, and I have not a slightest idea of who to support. It´s always the same people and they´re all proven to be shitty managers. Maybe I´ll vote for that hippie girl: she might try legalize cannabis. So the city can go to shit, but I won´t even notice that.
Politics actually makes me feel down. Here the minimum age to vote is 16, but it´s not mandatory until you are 18. I remember the first thing I did the day after I turned 16 was to get my documents to vote and take part on public assembly. Such a waste of time, now I know that. What to say? I was young and so full of dreams... Even if I became a politician myself, I would never get to change all this chaos. So, screw politics, life sucks, it won´t be getting any better than this, in fact it´s all for the worse, at least for some years yet (while the old school politicians are still alive). No need / use to give a fuck: better focus on my life, that has been unusually great, and try to be a good neighbour to the ones I can reach. Share a bit of my happiness. Pay it forward all the things I´m thankful for.

And they are way bigger than any traffic jam at 6 p.m.

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