Sunday, October 28, 2012

A whole lotta nothing

Ah, I love saturday nights. Even when there's nothing interesting going on, I know the day next I can stay in bed for as long as I want. I'm that kind of person who doesn't bother to wake up early if there's anything nice to do- which doesn't include working at all - but I'm not a morning person by nature. As I was some day in the past talking to Mr. Red : nothing interesting seems to happen in mornings.

It's half past midnight now, I'm at home, in bed, in my nighties. I went earlier to my cousin's baby's first birthday and I ate way more than I should. And I am childlike in this matter: just can't sleep when full of sugar. After all that candy, cake and ice cream, still no sign of sleep...

On the other hand, I'm emotionally exausted. I went through a rollercoaster of feelings today, most of them hurt me. Fortunately I still have a happy thought to lean on in times like these, but yet it annoys me. You know when life comes to remind you how stupid you can be sometimes? It's not only about feeling like an idiot, it's about knowing you are one. Hopefully was - in a past that will never, ever come back again. Today I know my value and the price of trading what I want for what is simply easy to get. In the end it´s not easy, and it can be a painful waste of time. So long time.

Regrets, I've got them. Mistakes, I've made some. Still, my gratitude is bigger.
Seems that someone up there is still watching over me...

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