Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What if...

...you could actually get to know your life's essential mission, and realize that, afterall, it's not as glamorous and heroic as it might sound?

I mean, I guess that it doesn't matter how brilliant your existence is, at some point, at some moment, it must get boring or seem so unbearably difficult. Sorry if I'm offending the true optimists here, but I really don't believe in people that is just so happy all the time about everything. This only exists in Facebook. On friday evenings.

And it's beautiful when we see a movie, a biography, even, about someone or ones that struggled against the worse odds and end up as winners. Or those ones who did not win at the end, but died trying. We cherish the will power of these people, but think again: I bet it wasn't nice to be wearing those shoes all the time. Hard times are hard and shitty to any human. So are this times when time seems to be standing still.

And dumb Hamalka thinks "Yes, it's just a stage, soon it will be over and I can get back to chase my story".

But along comes the little person that knows everything and laughs.

-What are you laughing at? - I ask.
-You, and your megalomaniac thoughts. You're quite a character, you know. One day is suffering a severe lack of self esteem. The day next you're actually sure you mean big deal to this world, to the point of having a "special mission" or something. Girl, you don't have a clue of yourself, do you?

I rolled my eyes. I do respect this guy, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood of trying to decipher his enigmas, which every now and them are just useful for the sole purpose of his own amusement.

-Here, take a look yourself. This is what your so-called fate expects from you.

And I read the oracle that never fails. And I read it again. And again. And backwards and forth, the same unmistakable clear signs.

-You gotta be kidding..!
-Not kidding, nor trolling, not even confusing.
-This? Just this? 
-If you want to put in these terms...yes. - he laughed again. - Too little for your great adventures?
- C'mon...I...I... - I didn't know what to say, so I sighed in redemption - Will I at least be sucessful at it?
-This I don't know, truly. But I can easily bet you're up to die trying.

And as always, I couldn't deny him.

Afterall, the stars doesn't look so bright when you're down to Earth.

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