Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scar of wonders

At dawn he looks for me...

I wake up with his skin on mine, but I don't open my eyes, just feel.
He touches my feet and spills his scented firelike hair on my back, moving his strong hands up on my legs, he spreads it open...
Softly I moan when his lips touch my intimacy, kissing me deeply. His tongue moves inside me while he caresses my hips. A touch that grows stronger by the second, still delicately exploring my body, until he covers me with his weight and glides himself into me. He rubs his face on my neck, licking, kissing, sucking as if about to swallow me whole. His heartbeat gets stronger, as faster as he stocks me. Deeper. Desperately. I can feel him pulsating, rock hard and hot moistured, invading every inch of my body and my soul. I am the female that surrendered, enchanted, hypnotized, inebriated of love under that man supposed to be mine, when the biggest truth about me is that I'm his. He fills me and he feeds me, he's my happiness and lust.

Goddess I became under his sweaty skin.

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