Saturday, October 20, 2012


Just saw one of my latest favourite movies. It's no blockbuster, just something that  happened to be on TV sometime, I watched almost casually, and ended up charmed by the sweet plot and exciting soundtrack. It's a story about friendship, trust, love and music in all its tones and tunes. And it kinda confirms a thought that I try to keep in mind lately: you should not give up on dreaming because of one broken dream. There is always a way for those who are not afraid of hitting the road.

It's a cheerful movie rather than a drama, though it left me little bummed. Not because of the story, but because I miss watching movies with someone by my side, someone I care I can make funny comments, laugh together or hold on to when I feel thrilled. Someone to kiss whenever I feel like kissing, and let the caresses go deeper and further as far as demands my desire, knowing I am exactly where I am supposed to be, on the hands that own me by my own will. Oh, he did say I would never forget him, and now I live everyday trying to figure out what kind of spell he put on me. Intoxicating mix of looks, intelligence, humor and chemistry that runs inside my veins and makes my heart beat faster. And if I'm worth your angry, hate me to death. Punish me, with every single reason you have to do it. Would you put away your dolls to play rough with me? I look like pop and fuck like porn, come closer because we're two of a kind and I know you like my game: You showed me your scars, I showed you mine, but nevermind, forward is the only way to go.

Great...I was supposed to be writing about the movie, not having this romantic delusion.
Told ya: I must get laid or I'll end up in a straight jacket.

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