Saturday, October 27, 2012

In public

I left earlier from work. Didn't want to go home, for I would have nothing to do there. I felt like having a drink, and though there was no one to come along with me, I didn't give up the idea. Sitting on a bar by myself before 6 pm on a weekday made me feel like an alcoholic, but who would to care, anyway.
I sit at the counter, ordered a J├Ąger and a beer. Cheers to happier past times, cheers to what is yet to come. There is no one around and I look at the far away tables on the darker corners, dreaming on being sitting there with you, feeling your hot lips in mine as your fingers slid through my panties and into me. I would unzip your jeans and sit on your lap, contracting quietly while I finish my last drink before taking you back to the hotel and have you all over my body. I want to get down to my knees while you stand up and stare me sucking your delicious cock. Cover me with your cum, just for me too feel what its like to be a real creamy bitch.

My mouth strange the beer while your hot flavour full fills my memories and I crave to drink from that temptation again. I bite my lips, have another cold sip. I'm just a lonely girl on a bar, or this is what everyone can see.

They have not the slightest idea of what I'm seeing on my mind...

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